Advanced RACI Chart


Assign and track responsibilities for your team with Advisicon’s Advanced RACI Chart! Clear and consistent assignment management is key to effective team management. Advisicon’s Advanced RACI Chart helps project and functional managers and teams to assign and track who is Responsible, Accountable, to be Consulted, and to be Informed about tasks. Create and organize a list […]

Advanced Scheduling with Microsoft Project


Project 2013 Advanced guide helps project managers, program managers and portfolio managers understand how to leverage and use the more advanced features in working with multiple projects emphasizing resource capacity and capability forecasting.  It builds upon the Introduction to Scheduling book to help continue to deliver demand management planning and tactical use with MS Project. […]

Grover Park George On Access: Unleash the Power of Access


A textbook and study guide for new and intermediate Microsoft Access users, this book takes Access developers through the development process step by step. Terms and concepts are explained as they arise and relevant examples are provided to keep users on track and to teach them how to the use the appropriate Access features in […]

Introduction to Scheduling with Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project 2013 has a whole new class of features and capabilities to help project teams manage their work better. Whether large or small, agile or waterfall, this book will help you establish the best practices and leverage key features to help make your time using Project 2013 as streamlined and efficient as possible. Advisicon […]

Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project

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Responsible for making high level business decisions? Constantly balancing cost and resource restraints? Looking for a method to make project decisions without colossal efforts? Go beyond the basics of managing projects with Microsoft Project and learn to leverage the information using Industry Best Practices to make informed, effective decisions that support strategic objectives and increase […]

Managing Issues and Risks


This practical flowchart provides a step-by-step process map for project managers and team members to help them manage project risks and issues management. Contact us to have Advisicon customize this tool to meet your organization’s needs. Contact Us

Managing Requirements through the Project Management Lifecycle


This flowchart maps requirements gathering activities to the project management lifecycle, so project managers and other stakeholders can see what level and kind of requirements gathering activities they should be focused on at each phase of a project. This maps to and complements both the Project Management Lifecycle and the Requirements Gathering & Managing Process […]

Mastering Requirements Gathering: Best Practices in Managing Project Requirements


Learn how to gather and manage project requirements successfully! This book teaches readers how to elicit, characterize, document, analyze, validate, verify and manage requirements for new projects, products and services. Readers will learn how to define and document high‐level business requirements, identifying user classes & representatives, select elicitation techniques, differentiate and prioritize functional & non‐functional […]

Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World


What do you get when you team Microsoft Access with Microsoft SharePoint? You get Access Web Services, an easy-to-use, rapid-development way to build and deploy information-driven databases on the web. Microsoft MVPs Tim Runcie (MS Project), Ben Clothier (MS Access) and George Hepworth (MS Access) have pooled their many years of experience with MS SharePoint […]

Microsoft Business Intelligence: Executive Dashboards and Reporting with Microsoft Tools


About Microsoft Business Intelligence Microsoft Business Intelligence: Executive Dashboards and Reporting with Microsoft Tools provides an introduction to creating BI solutions using the Microsoft suite of tools. It has an emphasis on Excel Services, PowerPivot, PerformancePoint, SharePoint, and SSRS. Tutorials walk you through how to go about creating multifaceted BI dashboards, including KPIs, Scorecards, PivotTables, and […]

Microsoft Project Server 2010: Administrator’s Guide


Learn how to configure, customize, administer and support Microsoft® Office Project Server 2010. Administrators are those individuals within an enterprise who are tasked with configuring, customizing, and supporting the Project Server system. This book teaches participants how to set up and support enterprise‐wide project management standards, templates, resource pools, custom fields, management metrics and reporting, […]

Microsoft Project Server 2010: Project Manager’s Guide


Learn how to build, publish, and manage project schedules, issues, risks, deliverables, resources, and documents across an enterprise with Microsoft Project Server 2010. Project Managers are those individuals within an enterprise who are create, track and manage project schedules with Microsoft® Project Professional and Project Server. This book educates readers about how to create and […]

Microsoft Project Server 2010: Team Member’s Guide


Learn how to use Microsoft® Project Server 2010 to contribute to projects across an enterprise. This book educates readers to update and manage project tasks, enter and report on risks, issues, documents and new tasks through Project Web Access. Book Overview: Understanding Project Server as a Project Management Tool Overview of the Project Management Lifecycle […]

Microsoft® Office Project Server 2007: Guía del Administrador de Proyectos


Aprenda cómo crear, publicar y administrar planes de proyecto, problemas, riesgos, entregables, recursos y documentos en una empresa con Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. Los administradores de proyecto son aquellos individuos dentro de una empresa que elaboran, rastrean y manejan planes de proyecto con Microsoft® Project Professional y Project Server. Este libro enseña a los […]