Sharepoint Upgrades

SharePoint Upgrades are critical for security, fixing bugs, using new features and ensuring compatibility with desktop software. Yet users performing these upgrades themselves, especially for the first time, unwittingly commit mistakes that end up crippling the system, either immediately or further down the road.

At Advisicon, many of our customers ask us to assist in supporting their environments. We rigorously maintain their SharePoint sites so that it doesn’t spin out of control. We also keep it current, as well as preview the updates to ensure that it doesn’t break existing workflows or customizations. Thus, it will never fail to deliver value.

Some of our customers will have us do periodic audits to make sure nothing breaks while simultaneously teaching their IT staff how to support, care and grow their SharePoint use.

We have expertise in SharePoint front end (Site Administration), custom workflow and developing Business Intelligence or WebParts. Our deep project management expertise helps us guide you to a set of specifications that, when delivered, will return the value for which you’re seeking.

We ensure faster upgrades by having our own test beds and sandboxes, to ensure your data and environment will predictably migrate. This saves you from the responsibility of performing the upgrade yourself, which can present a steep learning curve.

Working with us, you get the highest level of expertise. Within our 20+ years of experience, we’ve encountered almost every potential issue already, ones that typical organizations wouldn’t have seen before nor would be able to handle. With this knowledge, we’re able to deliver immediate, workable approaches and authoritative guidance for any of your team’s needs.

We’re also able to train your team and get them ramped up on all the version’s newest features, ensuring zero lag time after your upgrade.

SharePoint, being one of Microsoft’s top-selling products, boasts a number of features and customizations that give businesses firm control of their entire platform (this is especially true if you are thinking of moving to Office 365).

Microsoft is constantly innovating and optimizing the software, creating versions that are much more stable and faster than what preceded it.

Yet all of its benefits go to waste—including its value in cost control and risk reduction—when its usage and upgrades aren’t maximized.

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