SharePoint Support

While many organizations have a good understanding of SharePoint basics, many users aren’t taking advantage of its full potential and seeking out SharePoint support.

One of the cornerstones of Microsoft Office 365, and on-premise intranets, SharePoint was initially used as a data storage or document management platform that allowed an organization to keep everything in one place instead of spread over multiple servers. But SharePoint has become so much more – if you know how to use it.

While many organizations have a good understanding of SharePoint basics, many users aren’t taking advantage of its full potential. Benefits like workflow, alerts, notifications, and dashboards can be tied to Office, Power BI or even lists and libraries. This increased efficiency and productivity is something that is easily accessible and customizable. Why not harness as much of its SharePoint’s power as possible to optimize your productivity?

Application Integration

Advisicon specializes in SharePoint support and can show your organization how SharePoint can be integrated with external or existing systems you may already have in place, becoming the hub for views, dashboards, and analytics. Are you tired of waiting for your IT department or a development or technical team to get to your requests? Why not increase your knowledge and leverage SharePoint out of the box abilities?

Many of our customers have built integrations with their internal systems and data. If you are in Office 365, as your partner of record, we can expedite issues with Microsoft, helping you resolve environment or functionality that Microsoft is responsible to fix.

We have been building, teaching and customizing SharePoint since it first was released in 2002. With more than 25 years of experience in business automation and optimization, we’ve seen tools like SharePoint grow, change, and expand. With MVP’s on Staff, and also as part of the Microsoft Advisory Council, we know where Microsoft is going.

This knowledge allows us to ensure that you get the most of current and future capabilities. We assist organizations of all sizes including some of the largest organizations in the world with integration, including Nike, and we can help you too. No organization is too big or too small. Whether you want to migrate to a new version, or just learn how to improve reporting, Advisicon will show you how to get the most out of SharePoint with Sharepoint support.

Sharepoint Upgrades

As with any software, it’s important to keep the system up to date by implementing new features, fixing old bugs, and keeping everything secure for you and your customers along the way. Let us concentrate on your system so you can concentrate on growing your business. With Office 365, it’s not about environment optimization, but leveraging the features and capabilities of the integrated tools that all come free and are designed to be “Better Together”.

Advisicon maintains all aspects of SharePoint, testing new upgrades before implementation, investigating short- and long-term issues, and making sure your organization won’t miss a beat during integration. And we’ll do it faster than anyone else, too: we have more than two decades of experience with Microsoft products and employ testing labs before performing any upgrade to your system.


After upgrading or migrating SharePoint to Office 365 or to the most current version, Advisicon isn’t done. We believe in teaching you how to maximize the program with SharePoint support, not just showing you how to use it and calling it a day.

In addition to training, Advisicon responds to service calls faster than Microsoft and can help expedite and resolve the support you get from Microsoft. You’ll avoid going through tier 1 to tier 2 to a tier 3 support personnel explaining the issue over and over again. We help both on-site and remotely, so we’re never too far away.

SharePoint is a powerful tool, allowing organizations to combine several systems into one central location. With Advisicon, not only will SharePoint be implemented and optimized correctly, but your employees will find the information they need to leverage the capabilities in SharePoint.

Once interconnected with other office products, their productivity is maximized and their work more efficient. We love hearing customers how pleased our customers are with it and how they ever managed to live without it.

For more information on upgrading or migrating your SharePoint, or maximizing Office 365 with SharePoint, contact Advisicon today.

  • You know the basics – it’s time to harness the full power of SharePoint
  • Integrate external and existing software into a single cohesive system
  • Advisicon will keep SharePoint up to date so you can keep your organization out in front
  • Our support staff is responsive and we’ll expedite issues up the line at Microsoft
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