Microsoft Project Training

Advisicon has been consulting, teaching, and helping organizations leverage MS Project for over 25 years.

We work directly with the Microsoft Engineers who build this product, helping to continually evolve the software and add new capabilities for the Project Management Community.

All of that means we are truly experts in this field and can help you rapidly realize the most value from this technology to support your Project, Program and Portfolio management needs. Advisicon’s experts love to help customers leverage the full integration capabilities of MS Project to create results, such as:

  • Leverage Project Online or Project Server
  • Get Visibility on Workload Demand (Current and Future)
  • Forecast and Manage Resource Capacity and Cost Modeling
  • Build Automation of Processes
  • Create Dashboards & Powerful Visuals

Our Project MVP’s (Most Valuable Professional Award by Microsoft) can help you optimize Microsoft Project Solutions for any size team or organization. By analyzing your current needs, we can help you create standards and leverage best practices to ensure you and your team produce results that last.

As we say, “Get in, Get Out and Get back to Work.” Now you can, and be secure in the knowledge that your energy isn’t spent wrestling with a tool, but focused on addressing the issues or risks that the information now will help you keep track of.

The goal is to make project management as efficient-and painless-as possible. If the tools are in place from the start, that’s exactly what Advisicon will do. While we create specific project management strategies for each client, standard integrations include:

  • Help you Model Existing and Future Demand Management to Organizational Capacity to Deliver
  • Migration of Older Versions of Project to the Latest
  • Building Cost Modeling Forecasting for any Industry
  • Create Resource Capacity and Portfolio Forecasting of Future Work with Existing Workloads
  • Build and Integrated Power BI (Business Intelligence) with your Data
  • Build Custom Reporting or Integrate Project with other ERP systems
  • Integrate Project with SharePoint and Office 365 for Collaboration & Team Management

With Advisicon in your corner, you’ll spend less time in project meetings and more time getting things done.

Partner with a Microsoft Expert

Advisicon holds several Microsoft certified credentials and are frequently evaluated to make sure we meet certain criteria. We hold our staff to the highest standards to make sure we assist our clients faster and better than anyone else.

Our credentials include:

  • Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  • Microsoft Project Partner Advisory Council
  • Microsoft Specialist (MS)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Virtual Technical Sales Professional (V-TSP)

Because we know who you are, our solutions will bring team members together to support a unified task. Through implementation, configuration, customization, and training, everyone will understand the benefits of our strategy and be able to work in tandem. With no gaps, nothing falls through the cracks, and the project moves forward. Want to learn more?

Built in Efficiency

We want to build your project management into an efficient, streamlined process that maximizes your ROI. We could spend weeks training your staff on the ins and outs of every MS product on the planet, but is that going to help? Instead, we’ll provide technical advice and show you which features will best work with your projects and organizational needs.

Our consultation goes deeper than just the software. Is your server getting on in years? A server upgrade could make all the difference in the world, but how long would it take your current staff to make such a change? Advisicon has performed thousands of migrations and installations, know what to expect, and will make sure you’re getting the upgrade your organization needs to grow.

We have streamlined the best practices and processes to ensure that your goals are met and are sustained and supported by the Project Technologies. Advisicon creates workflow automation dashboards with dynamic reporting or integration of Project Data with external systems for our customers on a daily basis. We know which Microsoft programs will help deliver the best results based on your needs.

Interested in learning more? Try our Microsoft Project free trial and find out how much time, trouble, and money it can save you.

  • Advisicon works directly with Microsoft engineers to help improve the product – we are an expert in the industry
  • Learn to get the most out of the program to become more efficient
  • Get in, Get out, Get back to work – instead of fumbling with the software, your staff will become masters
  • Integrate software for improved organization, reporting, and forecasting
  • Improve efficiency by concentrating on what you use, not what you don’t
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