Project Management Technology

With more than 25 years of experience with all things Microsoft, few can compete with all that Advisicon offers.

Advisicon has been invited by Microsoft to work directly with both the engineering and the strategic planning level teams for future changes to project management software and software capabilities.

Our knowledge of both current and future technology covers implementations, migrations, upgrades, and how it all fits together to give organizations the power to grow. We do this through training, consulting, and offering support every step of the way.

Microsoft Project

Do you feel you aren’t getting the full value from PM Technologies? Are your current practices not delivering optimized value? Have you been adapting your organization to keep pace with current technology and not engaging in the digital transformation of the modern worker? Do you spend more time looking for the right program to use than actually using it?

By training your staff how to use Microsoft Project to its full potential, Advisicon will streamline your processes and boost productivity, allowing your organization to meet deadlines and move forward more quickly.

In addition to training your staff, we can help you leverage the right integrated tools, update or migrate your software, integrate or link your PM or Business applications together, or migrate data to a new version or to Office 365. We’ll be your Microsoft Project experts, so you can concentrate on being the expert in your field.


Originally used to centralize communications and store data as a document management tool, SharePoint now is threaded across most of Microsoft and other software applications as a collaboration portal, intranet and a modern hub for business dashboards, documents, and workflow automation. Let Advisicon teach you how to build dashboards and leverage SharePoint’s latest features that integrate and automate applications for ease of use, create more powerful reports, and keep data from multiple points up-to-date.

If you need to automate business workflows or create standards for quickly finding, editing or managing data content and documents, we can help you leverage both out of the box or more advanced customizations to optimize your business needs.

As with all Microsoft products, we’ll make sure your SharePoint has the appropriate upgrades too. We’ll test new features, fix any bugs, and quickly implement the changes so you don’t miss a beat. You need to keep moving your organization forward, and Advisicon will give you the tools to do it. We’re here to provide you with Sharepoint support.


Blurry images, fuzzy lines, and unclear direction is no way to display a presentation. But spending too much time getting everything just right isn’t a feasible solution, either. With Visio, you can create flawless flowcharts and dynamic diagrams, saving time and money at every turn.

With Advisicon training or consulting, your organization will begin to create templates that have logos, on-brand colors, and meaningful icons built in. With the ability to link data directly to the document, your staff will save even more time compiling data. With the Visio program, you’ll save time and effort while creating easy to read flowcharts that everyone will be able to understand.

Office 365 – Azure Project Management

Office 365 subscription services give your organization the ability to move, grow, and diversify without having to manage or support an infrastructure that takes up resource time to care and feed. By offering the foundational Microsoft programs on the cloud, you’ll give your staff the flexibility to operate anywhere in the world and know that your data is backed up, managed, replicatable and also secure.

The service is compatible with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices on both PC and Mac platforms and there are many tools that reduce the workload of updating and managing software and systems across an organization.

In addition to that versatility, you’ll always be working on the most up to date software. No more having to go from user to user, or wrestling with upgrades on your network. With the highly customizable Azure providing the backbone for the services, data storage will never become an issue either.

Power BI

Many organizations have little idea what Business Intelligence (BI) can do for them, and the ones that do aren’t utilizing the many benefits it has to offer. Power BI takes data from other programs to create visually stimulating analytics that can show you how your business is operating. With Advisicon training and implementation, you’ll get a better view of how your staff operates and take steps to make them even more productive.

Now you don’t have to be a developer to analyze your business data and leverage machine learning to quickly surface issues and drill down into data with easy to use and accessibility on mobile devices.

We make sure you have the systems you need in place, offer support to keep those systems running smoothly, and provide you with the steps to become a more efficient team. Pulling data, analyzing it, and producing useful reports that benefit yourself and your clients – all of that can be accomplished with Power BI.

  • Extensive knowledge of past, present, and future software releases gives Advision unmatched expertise with Project Management technology
  • Your organization will use Microsoft Project to its full potential to streamline processes, increase productivity, and become more efficient
  • By using Sharepoint, you’ll be able to tie all Microsoft software together in an easy to navigate dashboard, ideal for reporting and information sharing
  • With Vizio, you’ll create clean, easy to read flowcharts that are a snap to create
  • With Office 365 project management, you’ll always have the most updated software without having to bother your IT department
  • Via the cloud, your employees will be able to work from anywhere in the world
  • You’ll truly understand where your organization stands with easy to digest analytics from Power BI
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