SharePoint 2010 for Effective Project Management


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Product Description

Learn to use Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services to manage project teams and collaborate on projects. This book informs readers how to design, create customize and use Microsoft® SharePoint 2010 to collaborate, share documents, communicate and coordinate project activities, deliverables, communications, risks, and issues.

The Class

This book is an excellent accompaniment to our public course on the same topic.

Book Overview

  • What is SharePoint and Why is it Here?
    • What is SharePoint?
    • Versions of SharePoint
  • Understanding SharePoint as a Team Collaboration Tool
    • SharePoint and Team Collaboration
  • Introduction to SharePoint Objects and Architecture
    • What is the Architecture of SharePoint
  • Creating SharePoint Sites
    • Planning Site Creation
    • Different Types of Sites and Workspaces
    • Creating a New Site or Workspace
  • Managing Site Permissions and Users
    • Security Roles and Permissions
    • Managing SharePoint Site Users
  • Working with SharePoint Objects
    • Lists
    • Working with Lists
    • Libraries
    • Working with Libraries
    • List Items Useful for Collaboration
    • Additional Collaboration Options
  • Customizing SharePoint Sites
    • Site Settings: Modifying Your SharePoint Site
    • Setting a Theme
    • Designing Your Site or Workspace
    • Customizing Site Appearance
    • Working with Alerts
    • 3-State Workflow
  • Customization with SharePoint Designer
    • Introduction to SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Integration
    • SharePoint and Integration
    • SharePoint and Microsoft Office
    • SharePoint and Active Directory
    • Office 365 and SharePoint Online
    • Lync and SharePoint
    • SharePoint Extensibility