Project Risk Register


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Product Description

Gather, analyze, prioritize, and develop a plan for managing risks on your projects!

Advisicon’s Risk Register helps project managers and teams to identify, analyze, prioritize, and manage project risks proactively.

  • Create a list of all potential project risks
  • Analyze the magnitude of potential impacts, probability of occurrence, and lack of advanced warning
  • Plan your risk management: prioritize, assign, and track risks and risk responses

This is an essential tool for every Project Manager’s toolbox!

Protect your projects! Get Advisicon’s Risk Register and start managing project risks proactively.

Risk Register and Chart

Risk Register helps Project Managers and teams to identify, analyze, prioritize, and manage project risks proactively.

The Risk Register looks at several dimensions of each risk and helps identify which risks need to be watched closely and/or mitigated to avoid becoming an issue.

Dimensions of risk

Each identified potential risk is rated four ways:

  1. The probability of not having an occurrence
  2. Advance warning before a risk actually occurs
  3. Magnitude of the damage caused if the risk should occur
  4. Severity looks at how much time will there be to respond

Risk mitigation

The Risk Chart gives insights into how to reduce risks to the program.

Risks plotted with a longer solid line have a greater chance of turning from a risk into an issue and need to be watched closely.

Tool Usage

  • Enter a Risk into the Risk Table on the first tab
  • Assign values (1 to 5) for each of the three categories: Magnitude, Probability, Advance Warning. Severity is a calculation of the three categories (and is not editable)
  • Add any further details (department, assigned to, etc) to help track the Risk.
  • The results are plotted on the Risk Chart on the second tab.

System Recommendations

Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7 or Older Versions

Microsoft ® Excel Version: Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007

Screen Resolution: Best viewed at 1280×1024 or greater