Microsoft Project Server 2010: Project Manager’s Guide


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Product Description

Learn how to build, publish, and manage project schedules, issues, risks, deliverables, resources, and documents across an enterprise with Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Project Managers are those individuals within an enterprise who are create, track and manage project schedules with Microsoft® Project Professional and Project Server. This book educates readers about how to create and manage project schedules, templates, allocate and manage resources and resource pools, custom fields, management metrics and reporting, as well as how to use Project Web Access.

The Class

This book is an excellent accompaniment to our public course on the same topic.

Book Overview

  • Understanding Project Server as a Project Management Tool
    • Overview of the Project Management Lifecycle
    • Overview of Project Portfolio Management
  • Overview of the Project Server 2010 Environment
    • Introduction to Project Server 2010
    • Components of Project Server 2010
    • Overview of Project Server 2010 Settings
    • Overview of Project Web App
  • Understanding Project Server Roles
    • Overview of Roles and Permissions
    • Default Roles in Project Server 2010
    • Role Based Benefits of Project Server 2010
  • Understanding Project Server Permissions
    • Security Role-Based Permissions
    • Managing Project Permissions
  • Creating and Managing Project Schedules
    • Creating a New Schedule in Project Professional
  • Best Practices with Task Development
    • Good, Better, and Best Practices
    • Creating a Project Schedule
    • Project Recommendations and Pitfall Avoidance
  • Outlining and Linking Tasks
    • Outlining a Schedule
    • Understanding Dynamic Scheduling
    • Creating Task Relationships
  • Working with Tasks
    • Changing Task Information
    • Entering Task Constraints
  • Creating and Managing Schedules in PWA
    • Creating a New Schedule in PWA
  • Working with Views and Display Options
    • Understanding Display Options
    • Working with Views in PWA
    • Working with Groups and Filters
  • Creating Enterprise Resources
    • Overview of Enterprise Resources
    • Creating Enterprise Resources
    • Defining Enterprise Resources
  • Assigning and Working with Resources
    • The Importance of Managing Resources
    • Assigning Resources using PWA
    • Assigning Resources Using Project Professional
    • Working with Resource Options
    • Managing Overallocations
    • Managing Out of Office Situations
  • Working with Resource and Task Types
    • Understanding Project’s Scheduling Engine
    • Mastering Task Types
  • Advanced Task Assignment Options
    • Managing Delegation
    • Managing Tasks by Team Members
  • Finalizing and Tracking Project Schedules
    • Setting a Project Baseline
    • Overview of Tracking Methods
    • Updating Task Progress Manually
  • Tracking Task Progress
    • Working with Task Status
    • Approving Task Updates
  • Updating Time Progress with Timesheets
    • Overview of Timesheets and Settings
    • Working with Timesheets
    • Approving Reported Progress on Timesheets
  • Working with Reports
    • Reporting in PWA
    • Reporting in Project Professional
    • Running Built-in Reports
    • Visual Reports
  • Utilizing Master Projects and Programs
    • Uses for Master Projects
    • Inserting Projects into a Master Project
    • Viewing Critical Path Options
  • Managing Project Manager Preferences
    • Optimizing Through Preferences
    • Managing the Cache
    • Managing the Queue
    • Managing Alerts and Reminders
  • Working with Project Sites
    • Managing Documents
    • Managing Risks and Issues
    • Managing Deliverables
    • Managing Team Features