Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World


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Product Description

What do you get when you team Microsoft Access (the most popular database development tool in the world) with Microsoft SharePoint (the fastest growing server product Microsoft has ever had)? You get Access Web Services, an easy-to-use, rapid-development way to build and deploy data-driven databases on the web. Recognizing the potential offered by this exciting new technology, Microsoft MVPs Tim Runcie (MS Project), Ben Clothier (MS Access) and George Hepworth (MS Access) have pooled their many years of experience with SharePoint and Access to bring you this first-of-its-kind look at building Access databases for SharePoint.

This book is a must read for both developers and the IT community who want to understand how to leverage the power of MS Access in a SharePoint environment.

Book Overview:

  • Introduction to SharePoint and Access Services
    • What is SharePoint?
    • Line of Business Integration and Reporting Capabilities
    • The Goal of SharePoint
    • What Are Access Services?
    • A Bit of History of SharePoint
    • Defining Role Use of SharePoint and This Book
  • Why Has SharePoint Grown So Much?
    • Problems Solved by SharePoint
    • Simplified Document Management
    • Decentralizing IT Administration
    • Self-Creation and Self-Serve
    • How the Two Systems Work Together
  • Business Case for Access Services
    • Why Should You Use MS Access as a Key Tool in SharePoint?
    • Reducing IT Overhead with Data Managed with Access
  • Overview of Capabilities
    • A New Mind-set for Developing Web Databases
    • Publishing Web Databases
    • Access and Other SharePoint Features
    • SharePoint Foundation and Access
    • Access Services and SharePoint Enterprise
    • Hybrid Applications
  • Designing Web Applications
    • Web Application Design Considerations
  • Extending Client Applications
    • Anatomy of SharePoint
    • Using SharePoint as a Data Store
    • Using SharePoint to Store and Distribute Access Databases
    • SharePoint, Performance and Optimizations
    • Disconnected Mode and Synchronization
    • SharePoint Lists & ODBC-linked Tables
    • Data Macro Behaviors in Access Client
    • SharePoint Operations
    • Workflows
    • Web Services
  • User Interface Customization
    • Document Library vs. Attachment Data Types
    • Document Library Considerations
    • Case Scenario
    • Associating Documents to Access Records
    • Linked WebParts
    • Customized SharePoint Menu Actions
  • Deployment and Security
    • SharePoint Environment Consideration
    • Distributing Client Databases
    • How to Address IT’s Concern of Managing Security
    • Security Considerations
  • Conclusions
    • SharePoint Integrated with Microsoft Office
    • Final Thoughts, Author Ben Clothier
    • Final Thoughts, Author George Hepworth

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