Mastering Requirements Gathering: Best Practices in Managing Project Requirements


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Product Description

Learn how to gather and manage project requirements successfully! This book teaches readers how to elicit, characterize, document, analyze, validate, verify and manage requirements for new projects, products and services.

Readers will learn how to define and document high‐level business requirements, identifying user classes & representatives, select elicitation techniques, differentiate and prioritize functional & non‐functional requirements from users, identify business rules, and how to review and verify requirements with stakeholders.

The Class

This book is an excellent accompaniment to our public course on the same topic.

Book Outline

Eliciting Requirements

  • Defining high-level business requirements
  • Identifying user classes & representatives
  • Selecting elicitation techniques
  • Eliciting functional & non-functional requirements from users
  • Identifying business rules
  • Reviewing requirements with users

Requirements Analysis

  • Clarifying complex and unclear requirements
  • Evaluating & prioritizing requirements

Requirements Documentation

  • Naming conventions and definitions
  • Documenting relevant facts and assumptions

Requirements during the Design & Build Phase

  • Match product to prioritized requirements
  • Requirements-based quality control
  • Establishing a stakeholder acceptance process

Requirements Verification

  • Verifying requirements
  • Creating requirements traceability

Requirements during Testing and Acceptance

  • Establishing requirements-based performance and acceptance tests
  • Requirements-based redesign & rework

Requirements and Closing a Project

  • Acceptance of deliverables
  • Project documentation closeout process