Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2010: Best Practices in Managing Projects with Microsoft Project


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Product Description

Learn how to use Microsoft® Project 2010 to build, optimize and manage project schedules. This book shows how to use Microsoft® Project 2010 to successfully create, track, manage and modify project schedules and resource pools.

This book shows how to apply best practices, tips and tricks to planning and managing projects with Microsoft® Project 2010.

The Class

This book is an excellent accompaniment to our public course on the same topic.

Effective Use of Microsoft® Project 2010

The Third Edition of Managing Project with Microsoft Project 2010 covers the following topics:
  • Leveraging Technology for Project Management
    • Project Management as a Discipline
    • Projects More Likely to Fail
    • Project Lifecycle Management
    • Resource Management
    • Demand & Capacity Planning
    • Understanding the Components of the Project Server 2010 Solution
    • PMI’s Practice Standard for Scheduling
  • Getting Started and Navigating in Project
    • Understanding the Working Environment
    • Getting Started with Project
    • Working with View Elements
    • Using Navigational Shortcuts
  • Best Practices with Task Development
    • Good, Better, and Best Practices
    • Project Overview and Pitfall Avoidance
    • Creating a Project Schedule
  • Understanding the Basics of Views
    • Applying Views
    • Types of Views
    • Enhanced Work with Timeline View and Team Planner View
    • Toggling Between Single and Dual Pane Views
    • Applying a Filter to a View
    • Applying Groups to a View
    • Sorting Tasks or Resources in a View
    • Highlighting in a View
    • Reviewing Details in a View
  • Outlining and Linking Tasks
    • Outlining a Schedule
    • Understanding Dynamic Scheduling
    • Creating Task Relationships
    • Reverse Engineering a Schedule
  • Working with Tasks
    • Changing Task Information
    • Entering Task Constraints
  • Creating and Assigning Resources
    • Creating the Resource Pool
    • Assigning Resources to Tasks
    • Finding Tasks or Resources
  • Working with Resources and Task Types
    • Understanding Project’s Scheduling Engine
    • Mastering Task Types
  • Tracking Resource Progress
    • Updating Resources
  • Resolving Resource Conflicts
    • Real World Application of Scheduling – Resolving Resource Conflicts
    • Finding Overallocated Resources
    • Methods for Resolving Resource Conflicts
  • Managing Costs in Project
    • Reducing Costs in a Project
    • Assigning Rates and Costs
    • Creating a Project Budget
  • Tracking Task Progress
    • Updating Tasks
    • Earned Value Reporting
  • Sharing Information with Other Applications
    • Copying Information to and from Project
  • Reporting in Project
    • Reporting in Project
    • Running Built-in Reports
    • Visual Reports
  • Formatting in Project 2010
    • Using the Format Tab
    • Formatting Text Styles
    • Formatting the Gantt Chart
    • Remove or Add a Column
  • Printing from Project
    • Mastering Printing
  • Customizing Project
    • Customizing Microsoft Project
  • Feature Changes from Project 2007
    • Add-Ins, Sample Macros, and the Project Guide
  • Certification
    • The Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Certification Exam
    • PMI Scheduling Professional Credential (PMI-SP)