Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2007: Best Practices in Managing Projects with Microsoft Project


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Product Description

Learn how to use Microsoft® Office Project 2007 to build, optimize and manage project schedules. This book shows how to use Microsoft® Office Project 2007 to successfully create, track, manage and modify project schedules and resource pools.

This book shows how to apply best practices, tips and tricks to planning and managing projects with Microsoft® Office Project 2007.

Effective Use of Microsoft® Project 2007

  • MS Project Overview
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of working with MS Project
  • Creating project schedules, segments, milestones
  • Creating task relationships & dependencies
  • Setting task constraints and outlining

Applying Resources and Calendars

  • Creating and utilizing resource pools
  • Applying layers of calendars
  • Utilizing project views
  • Formatting schedule layouts
  • Utilizing project reports
  • Understanding printing

Customizing for Better Management Results

  • Using filters, tables, details and groups
  • Creating views, filters, tables, and groups
  • MS Project scheduling methodologies
  • Utilizing effort‐driven scheduling

Managing and Tracking of Projects

  • Utilizing scheduling methods to shorten the critical path of a project
  • Utilizing MS Project Tools and Views to resolve resource conflicts
  • Advanced resource scheduling techniques
  • Managing costs, tracking baselines
  • Tracking completion of actual work between tasks and resources
  • Applying resource contours for forecasting and analyzing resource availability
  • Managing and viewing planned and actual durations, costs and schedules

Working with External Data & Applications

  • Linking data between applications
  • Importing & exporting data
  • Hyperlinking and web pages
  • Utilizing business analysis templates