Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project

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Product Description

  • Responsible for making high level business decisions?
  • Constantly balancing cost and resource restraints?
  • Looking for a method to make project decisions without colossal efforts?

Go beyond the basics of managing projects with Microsoft Project and learn to leverage the information using Industry Best Practices to make informed, effective decisions that support strategic objectives and increase your ROI.

Microsoft Project is not operating at its’ full capacity for your organization unless it is integrating and supporting your overall organizational strategies. Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project provides clear instruction on developing and implementing a successful project management strategy across the organization to drive better business decisions.

“Organizations feel a lot of pain points when they deploy technology, this book zeros in on how to address the best practices and how to most effectively deploy the technology. It focuses on how the business will use that.”– Tim Runcie, Author & Advisicon President

By clearly identifying the most efficient methods of using the information Microsoft Project provides, you will be better equipped to measure results and communicate with the executive branch. Utilizing all the capabilities Microsoft Project has to offer will change the way you communicate within your organization and ultimately improve your method of making project management decisions.

Comprehensively presented in this book

  • Work management using Microsoft Project at multiple levels within an organization
  • Leveraging SharePoint Server’s social networking and team management capabilities
  • Using Microsoft Project to integrate and support overall organizational strategies
  • Hundreds of graphics, screen shots, and annotations that make it the most accessible and usable guide available on the subject

This comprehensive guide is an indispensable resource for project managers at all levels and anyone who operates within aPMO. Gain from the unsurpassed experience of Microsoft Project MVP Tim Runcie, and thirty year industry specialist and PMP Doc Dochtermann, as they divulge over fifty years of project management Industry Best Practices knowledge in regard to Microsoft Project.

“I folded in a lot of our tips, tricks and shortcuts around how we as industry practitioners deliver better value with Microsoft Project.”– Tim Runcie, Author & Advisicon President