Advanced RACI Chart


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Product Description

Assign and track responsibilities for your team with Advisicon’s Advanced RACI Chart!

Clear and consistent assignment management is key to effective team management. Advisicon’s Advanced RACI Chart helps project and functional managers and teams to assign and track who is Responsible, Accountable, to be Consulted, and to be Informed about tasks.

  • Create and organize a list of all tasks and assignments
  • Assign team members the appropriate role and responsibilities
  • Track and management assignment status

This is an essential tool for every Project Manager’s toolbox!

Protect your projects! Get Advisicon’s Advanced RACI Chart and start managing your team’s assignments.

Responsibility and Assignment Matrix

Provides an accurate overview of all pending responsibilities and coordination points for the team.

The Responsibility Matrix is usually filled in real-time during meetings. Anytime a follow-up item is generated it is added to the matrix, and responsibilities, due dates, and coordination required is captured. At the end of the meeting, the matrix should be printed and handed to each participant. The matrix is opened at all subsequent meetings to create a watertight follow-up.

Tool Usage

  • Have resources entered into the table prior to your meeting.
  • Enter in Actions as they come up during the meeting. Assign due dates and priorities to each.
  • Enter R,A,C, or I depending on the level of involvement of each resource.
  • The tool will automatically color in each field (RACI) depending on what is typed in.
  • To add additional lines, simply copy the line above and paste. This will ensure the formulas and formats are copied down each row.