Nonprofit Resources

A few suggestions to get your organization up and running

As a nonprofit, chances are you don’t have a worldwide network of donors, sponsorships, or partnerships like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. That doesn’t mean organizations like yours are completely without resources. In addition to the nonprofit services Advisicon offers, there are plenty of websites offering help as well.

If you search for “free nonprofit resources” on Google, you’ll get around 190 million results. That’s a lot to sift through! So we decided to do a little sifting for you and came up with three great nonprofit resources online that can help your organization in a myriad of ways.

Google Ad Grants

Speaking of Google, the internet giant is offering $10,000 of advertising every month from Google Ads. Available for qualifying nonprofits, this in-kind advertising will put you in front of more volunteers, potential donors, and possible partners. What nonprofit couldn’t use a little more help?

The ads will appear on search results pages below paid ads and will be text only. You’ll also have the freedom to change your message, choose your audience, and optimize campaigns. Or if you prefer, pick your targets, write three lines of text, set your daily budget and let Google do the rest.

To help your community, you’ll need some help of your own. Volunteers, donors, and partnerships are a significant part of keeping a nonprofit organization solvent and moving forward. Google Ads will expand your base in all three areas. Click here to learn more about Google Ad Grants.


Created as a way to help difference-makers both locally and globally, TechSoup is an ally for any and all nonprofits designed to help their community. Their partners are committed to providing services at significantly lower prices and even donating products when they can. TechSoup donor partners include Adobe, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

TechSoup also offers services of their own. From emergency IT support to strategic planning, TechSoup is dedicated to helping your organization implement and use the technology available to you. They know you’re helping your community, and they want to make sure you’re doing it as efficiently as possible.

Providing consulting, learning courses, blogs, and webinars, TechSoup is a go-to resource to get questions answered. Click here to register and get ready to learn.

Microsoft Discount and Donation Registration

Offering donated or discounted products for eligible nonprofits, Microsoft believes in helping these organizations reach their full potential. This includes cloud services like Office 365 and Azure as well as offering training events at local Microsoft offices around the nation.

If your organization operates on a not-for-profit basis or is legally recognized as a nonprofit in your country, and has a clear mission to help the community at large, Microsoft has a myriad of programs to offer. To see if your nonprofit is eligible, click here to register with Microsoft as a nonprofit.

Advisicon Services for Nonprofits

Advisicon understands the importance of nonprofit organizations addressing under-supported areas of different communities. Whether addressing homelessness, food insecurity, or even the arts, nonprofits help close the gap when public help isn’t available. As a Microsoft PPM Gold partner, we can help your organization utilize technology to advance your message.

In addition to the above resources, consider reaching out to Advisicon to learn more about our nonprofit services as well. We offer free training on Microsoft products like Office 365, Project, Visio, and more for nonprofit organizations.

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