Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits

Get a handle on donations, volunteers, and partners all in one place

You’re passionate about a cause. You have volunteers waiting to help and a community that needs it. But in the world today, you’ll also need technological tools and know how to use them. These skills are beyond posting to social media or building a small website. But what if hiring an IT department isn’t an option?

Contact Advisicon, and we’ll provide a complete set of services tailored to your needs and budget — spreadsheets to track donations, flowcharts to organize volunteers, and project management tools to keep board members in the loop.

With Microsoft 365, your organization will have what it needs to do more with less. We offer discounts for Office 365 and will walk you through the application process.

Nonprofit Specific Training

Feeling a little overwhelmed because you’re not a “techie?” You don’t need to be with Advisicon. We understand that not every nonprofit has the resources of a Salvation Army or United Way. Our training is designed for everyone, and our technology experts want every nonprofit organization to have access and training to the best tools available, but only the tools you need.

When you work with Advisicon, we provide a complete set of services tailored to your needs and budget. If you have no use for certain products, we won’t push it. After our initial consultation, we’ll pinpoint what your organization needs.

Use Volunteers More Efficiently

Nonprofits depend on volunteers to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Whether it’s setting up an event site for a fundraiser, securing donations, or whatever else they can do to help. But if they already have a 40-hour job, one thing that can’t do is be available during regular working hours.

A subscription to Microsoft 365 has you covered. By using our Cloud Solutions, your volunteers will be able to get the information they need wherever and whenever they can access the internet. For that matter, so will you, your board, and other stakeholders.

Covering All Aspects Of Your Nonprofit

In addition to Office 365 training to improve efficiency and collaboration, we provide additional services like organizational management best practices and email migration. Are there parts of the workflow that tend to cause bottlenecks or pain points? Even in the smallest organization, miscommunication can become an issue.

Advisicon has been showing organizations big and small how to improve their project management for more than 25 years. We can do the same for your nonprofit. We are just as passionate about helping you reach your goals as you are about helping your community. Partner with Advisicon today for our nonprofit services and find out how we can get there together.

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