Marketing Audit and Consultation for Nonprofits

You’re ready to help. Let the community know about it!

The community needs you, and you’re ready to help. Volunteers are lined up, and your Board can’t wait to get started. Through Advisicon, your project management workflow is flawless, a tailor-made software system is in place, and your organization is ready to help the community!

But there’s a problem: the community doesn’t know you exist.

Advisicon can help here, too. By helping develop a marketing, fundraising, and communication program for your nonprofit, you’ll be able to extend your reach and maximize your impact. If you partner with Advisicon for our nonprofit services, you get a three-pronged marketing process:

  • Website Review and Social Presence Audit
  • Branding Evaluation
  • Fundraising Strategy

We review all of the above marketing elements, compile a needs assessment, and let you know what is working well and what isn’t. We’ll create a map and put your organization on the road to growth.

Website Review and Social Presence Audit

With a properly functioning website, you’ll be able to reach everyone with a computer, laptop, or mobile device. And when they come, what will they see? Is the page too busy, too plain, or just right? Are your mission statement, service, and donation pages easily found? And how does it look over multiple platforms?

We will evaluate your website to check navigation efficiency, to see if the site is responsive, and how well your call to action is presented. You want to send your potential donors to the donation page, not make them find it on their own. And make sure they can do it from their phone!

With consistent branding and clear lines to the information they seek, you’ll make it easy for the community to join in and give back. By looking at your current analytics, we’ll make suggestions to improve your metrics (and we’ll explain what all of that means).

Social Media Mastery
Finally, we’ll make sure all social media posts reflects the same message and discuss the importance of engagement, voice, and frequency. They’re following you for a reason, so let’s give them what they want. By posting success stories, upcoming events, and even a funny .gif, you’ll show what their support means to you.

Branding Evaluation

The reason you started a nonprofit organization was to fill a need in the community, not because you have a marketing degree. Let Advisicon review your current brand portfolio and evaluate the consistency and efficiency of how you present yourself to the public.

This includes logo design, positioning statements, and even the colors you’ve decided to use for your branding. Advisicon will give feedback on what we feel your branding is trying to convey and offer suggestions as needed.

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising may be the most difficult things about running a nonprofit. Applying for grants from public and private institutions should part of any nonprofit endeavor, and taking unsolicited donations is always a nice perk. But to keep the lights on, nonprofits need to fundraise.

Advisicon will remove some of the guesswork that comes with fundraising. We will schedule a full Marketing Workshop featuring an extensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis. From there we can determine goals, targets, and potential pain points.

Fundraising can have many different faces: an annual event where most of the money raised, several smaller events throughout the year, mailers that go out to past and potential donors, or a combination of all three. Advisicon will also make recommendations for other plans, including capturing corporate sponsorships, entering into partnerships, or using traditional media and digital campaigns.

Running a nonprofit can be an exhaustive undertaking, but if you bring on Advisicon and our nonprofit services, you won’t have to go it alone. In addition to marketing guidance, we also provide low-cost technical services for nonprofits. This includes training your staff how to use your software more efficiently, improving project management workflows, and addressing other IT issues you may be experiencing.

Everything is in place for your nonprofit: a great mission statement, volunteers, and a solid project management process ready to go. Now it’s time to let the community know who you are and what you do. Contact Advisicon today to see how we can help you spread the word.

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