Leadership Consulting and Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Volunteers believe in your organization, now get them to follow your leadership

Those who work for nonprofits or volunteer their time to serve are highly committed. No matter if it’s a nonprofit art organization, a community food bank, or small animal shelter, there has to be a dedication and an iron-clad resolve to get it started.

A steady and experienced hand is needed to keep it afloat, however. Can you translate that passion, drive, and devotion into a force that impacts the community in a meaningful way? And more importantly, are you able to lead a group of volunteers that have the desire to help, but lack the direction to be effective?

When you partner with Advisicon for our nonprofit services, you’ll receive leadership consulting and strategic planning from a company with years of experience helping organizations just like yours. Advisicon will help your nonprofit fulfill its mission statement by addressing management gaps, addressing challenges, and maximizing existing assets.

Leadership Consulting

Every great team depends on great leadership. To keep progress moving forward, someone needs to lead the charge. Advisicon will come alongside your organization to coach and train your leaders on strategies and tactics to get the best from your team. Learn best practices for motivation, collaboration, risk assessment, conflict resolution and more.

Project Management

Nonprofits large and small realize that keeping costs manageable and streamlining efforts can be a mixed bag. Fundraising is a full-time job and organizing volunteers with different availabilities can be a considerable effort. Advisicon is the leader of project management Training.

Our project management techniques are designed specifically for your nonprofit. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every organization, and nonprofit organizations are no different. During the initial consultation, we’ll find out where you excel, where you lag, and how to make the whole operation more efficient.

This includes updating software and training your staff how to use it to improve communication and transparency. This will allow stakeholders to see progress daily, weekly, monthly, and year over year. Click here to learn more about project management and what Advisicon has to offer your nonprofit.

Technology Audit and Assessment

As mentioned above, if your technology is lacking, it might affect everything you want to do as a nonprofit. Tracking donations, scheduling volunteers, and communicating with board members should be done with a few keystrokes – if your software is up to it. Is it?

With an audit by Advisicon, we’ll know for sure. Are you working with outdated systems? Are your programs state of the art, but not being used correctly? Once we know what you’re working with and how you work with it, we’ll make recommendations.

It could mean an upgrade of your entire system or something as simple as tying your existing software together. Whatever you’re working with, we’ll make it better. To find out more about our technology audit and assessment and how it can help your nonprofit reach new heights, click here.

Workflow Automation

Now you have a sound project management strategy and appropriate technology in place. The last step is bringing the two together to create an efficient and productive workflow. Advisicon will pinpoint processes that can be automated, allowing you to concentrate on helping the community you love.

Scheduled alerts, emails, or goal reminders can be automated. You’ll have more time, volunteer hours will increase in value, and everyone becomes more productive. With workflow automation, you’ll tackle the big stuff while the small stuff happens in the background. Click here to find out more.

Advisicon has been helping companies with their leadership, technology, and strategy plans for 25 years. Let us provide the same training and support to your nonprofit organization. Contact us today for more information or to find what else Advisicon can do you for you and your community.

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