At Advisicon, we want to make a difference for the people who are making a difference in our communities every day. We are invested in the success of your nonprofit! We are here to support you through all stages of growth to help accomplish your organization’s mission.


Nonprofit Services and Training

  • Free Software. Does your organization hold recognized charitable status? You may qualify to receive Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit as a donation or at a significant discount. Let us help you find out if your organization qualifies.
  • Free Guidance. Advisicon will provide you with a one-hour free consultation to connect and discuss your needs, concerns, pain points and how technology can help you meet the needs of others. Learn how to attract more donors through content creation, event/project management and more.
  • Let us Serve You. We enjoy ‘Serving Those Who Serve’ and desire to help organizations optimize existing processes and technologies to spend more time caring for the needs of others. We have a 25-year history helping organizations manage the complexities of delivering projects successfully for more social impact.
  • Tools & Technology Training. Advisicon provides training that empowers an organization and is fully customizable to address your specific needs and learning objectives. Learn the tools you need to create and reach measurable goals.
  • Leadership Coaching. Advisicon will help with strategic planning, executive coaching, conflict resolution, business intelligence, report development, support and training for Office 365.

What is our Corporate Social Responsibility at Advisicon?

Corporate social responsibility holds the power to make a significant difference for nonprofits and corporations around the world. 

At Advisicon, we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations boost their project management efficiencies, reach more people and do more good in the community. Through training, access to technology and actual human connection, we are here to help organizations reach more donors, raise more money and ultimately exceed their goals in supporting the communities that need it most.   

Advisicon Outreach


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