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As a Project Manager you may be aware that your work is diverse, and organizing all of your tasks into one resource for increased productivity can be difficult. Our Microsoft project online offers web-based tools for helping you manage multiple projects, track work on time sheets, and balance broad resource needs, all using OneSource, a hosted version of Project Server. Why use this program?

The benefits are far-reaching and include the following:

  1. Ideation, Simplified: Your team will be able to submit project ideas through their Office apps, including Outlook and SharePoint, allowing you to capture suggestions from people at all levels.
  2. Aligned strategy: With Project Online, you can compare and contrast your project ideas against business objectives and find clarity with regards to requests that compete. You can also easily eliminate initiatives that are misaligned and streamline the initiation of projects.
  1. Optimization of your portfolio: With tools provided by Project Online, you will be able to run optimization scenarios using set factors, like budget, to help you choose which projects perform best and give the most value for that focus factor.
  2. Point-and-click reporting capabilities go hand-in-hand with summary dashboards to help you immediately gather insights about any or all of your portfolios.

Concerned About Efficiency?

Microsoft Project Online was built to help managers streamline their processes and make the best use of their time.

  1. Mobile entry: Time and task entry is made easy with the team’s ability to submit updates from nearly all browser types, providing instant visibility to project managers who can then make the decisions with which they are tasked all the faster.
  1. Resource Use: Resource management can be one of the most difficult aspects of managing a project. Project Online helps by allowing users to systematically process and view resource requests. There are even heat maps that offer the user the ability to forecast future resource use, so you can view what’s coming.
  1. Scheduling assistance: Creating built-in timelines can help you represent timelines for projects and resources that may be complex. Doing so will allow you to understand each aspect of your project.

Decision-making is also automatically improved through Project Online’s built-in, customizable reports, exceptional BI tools, including those packaged through Excel Services and Power BI, and LOB integration, which allows you to quickly aggregate project data from line-of-business systems so you can utilize advanced reporting capabilities.

Collaboration Made Easy

Another way that managers come to Project Online is through collaboration or flow issues within a team. Project Online can help you resolve these concerns by providing real-time communication tools, like Skype for Business, so your team can use voice, chat, or video to connect within one interface; increased visibility through shared project calendars, tasks, and email notifications; and collaboration on social media feeds, including Yammer newsfeeds, which bring together colleagues through enterprise chat capacities. Your team will feel closer and more integrated, no matter where they are.

Interested in getting started with Project Online, but unsure where to start?

Advisicon offers free trials and in-depth trainings on all aspects of Project Online, for both you and your team – perfect for companies just getting started with the tool, as well as those who want to use it better.

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