Microsoft Visio

Many of our clients are at different levels with their understanding of Microsoft Visio: some are looking to become more fluent in certain modeling standards, others are looking to become better trained in data visualizations.

In any case, most organizations are not using Visio to its full capacity.

That’s why project managers come to us to get their team on board. Our goal at Advisicon is to help your team maximize your use of Visio in order to communicate information in the most simple way.

We can help with:

  • Diagramming maps and flowcharts
  • Customizing dashboards for data visualization
  • Process modeling and documentation

One of the features we assist with most is data-linking. This has been one of Visio’s most popular add-ons, and many users don’t even know it exists. The capabilities for this are extensive, such as linking directly to real-time budget information, identifying documents for specific processes, etc.

This is a dynamic, powerfully capable feature that can greatly enhance your data visualizations, should you put in the time to learn it.

We are brought into companies under two functions:

Training: Many organizations have the skills and team in place to run Visio properly, yet not the efficiency. Our training services reduce any learning curves and allow you to use the software at its highest-capacity, in the shortest amount of time.

Consulting: We identify business needs that can be solved through increased understanding of Visio, as well as any ways its being used inefficiently.

Basically, our team at Advisicon will get the most out of your team and your software.

One of our specialties is in business process modeling. We are also familiar with Project Server and Project Online data. If you combine those with our experience in equipping PMOs with best practices, you have the perfect team for helping you create relevant data visualizations.

Create simple and informative materials for communicating with your team.

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