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It’s time to stop wasting time with your software.

Your projects are getting more complicated in scope, and you need software beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets and lists.

That’s why Project Managers have worked with Microsoft Project more than any other PPM tool.

But technology alone rarely solves problems – you need to know how to use it.

Most people are not utilizing Microsoft Project in the way it was meant to, at its full capacity. It’s being deployed improperly and users are failing to get the necessary value out of their investment. That’s like buying the nicest camera in the world and using it to take selfies.

If you aren’t fully trained in Microsoft Project, you’re burning your team’s time. And you need to deploy it in such a way that you get all the value you can out of your investment. Wring it dry.

We understand – this stuff takes time. With all great upgrades come a little bit of work. You don’t get muscles without spending weeks at the gym.

That’s why you get a little bit of a leg up by working with experts.

With Advisicon, we use our proprietary RapidPPM™ deployment methodology, one of the most efficient systems in Project Management technology. It can get an organization running in as few as 2-3 weeks, depending on your team’s bandwidth. It also means focusing your time on tailoring the key features of Microsoft Project—including all out-of-the-box reporting, dashboarding and collaboration capabilities—to fit the prioritized needs of your business.

By partnering with us, you make sure every cent of deployment cost is used properly. No more wasted costs. Beyond that, when you have a system that’s properly configured, the efficiency gained will make up for anything spent in deployment.

At Advisicon, we are not just a technology deployment shop. It’s not about just “flipping the switch”. We want to become your partner as you continue to grow. We are authors, trainers and consultants. We literally wrote the book on Microsoft Project Online.

Our expertise can save thousands of dollars in annual costs. As of this writing, we’ve saved Grant County PUD over $6,000/year in licensing costs, simply because we are more proficient in the software than their licensing reseller.

We identify your pain points and demonstrate each way how you can overcome them by using Microsoft Project. We want you to get the most long-term value possible.

In project management, you know how every minute counts. Stop wasting them.

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