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It’s time to stop wasting time with your software.

Wrestling with features that are supposed to save you time, but just end up in frustration and lost time. Not using the software to its full potential is not only inefficient but also wastes money. And any combination of the two will keep your organization from growing.

You know you need an upgrade of your business software. But does that mean a whole new system, or just learning how to use the one you already have? Advisicon recommends implementing Microsoft Project, the leading Project Portfolio Management tool for project managers across a wide variety of fields.

By trying out the Microsoft Project trial, you’ll find out why. Advisicon’s proprietary RapidPPM(™) deployment methodology is one of the most efficient systems available. Depending on your team’s bandwidth, your organization will be up and running in as few as 2-3 weeks.

While that seems like a long time to learn software, how long have you been struggling with the software you currently have? Spending a little time up front will save you much more time in the long run. In addition to making sure your system is properly configured, Advisicon will also specifically tailor features to address your priorities.

Kick The Tires

Just like buying a car, you’ll want to take Microsoft Project for a test drive. But don’t forget to ask yourself what you want – and need – out of the system. Does your big family need third-row seating? Is good gas mileage important? Will towing capacity be a concern?

Plan Your Trial
Ask the same questions – relatively speaking of course – of your project management software. What kind of ROI are you looking for from the system, both qualitative and quantitative? How will those be measured? What goals are you hoping to achieve with Microsoft Project and how quickly do you hope to achieve them?

Because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

Pedal to the Metal
After buying a car, you don’t leave it in the garage. You need it for trips to the grocery store, picking up the kids, getting to work, and all other day-to-day operations. During the trial, you’ll want to implement Microsoft Office as much as possible. Data reporting, dashboard use, and staff communication should be taking place in MS Project during the trial period.

You won’t have access to all the features of Microsoft Office, but the limited features you do have allow you to see if the product is right for you. You’re testing the handling, braking, and acceleration – the seat warmers and cup holders can wait.

Expectations Met?
Remember those goals set before the trial? After using Microsoft Project, do you feel those goals were met? If not, are you able to pinpoint what the issues are? Address those issues and start the whole process over again. You want to get as much out of this trial as you can.

If more time is needed, your organization is allowed one free trial extension if used five days after the initial trial ends. Depending on project sizes, this extra time will allow you to become more proficient with Microsoft Project as well as identify other potential sticking points.

Keep your Data
After the trial is over, all the work you performed is still yours. Microsoft will keep the data for 60 days after the trial, which gives you plenty of time to save any charts, graphs, and other data. After those 60 days, you will need to contact Microsoft for access.

The Dotted Line

By the end of the trial, you should be able to show the rest of your organization the value of Microsoft Project. Another benefit of choosing Microsoft Project as your EPM is you’ll already have weeks of hands-on training. You will then be able to focus on the additional features now available to you.

And Advisicon will still be with you for any future questions. We have several service and support packages available to answer questions, implement software, or handle general IT inquiries. Contact Advisicon today for more information about the Microsoft Project training, or any other questions you may have about Microsoft systems.

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