Microsoft Project Server

Every organization does projects – they just don’t think of what they do as “project management”.

If your job involves managing project schedules, resources, metrics and reports, then you’re a project manager. And you need to equip yourself with the proper tools.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may be fine with simple list management, or more basic systems like O365 Planner, SharePoint, or one of the many Enterprise Project Management tools.

Lists work for keeping information organized, but they don’t let you communicate across various teams, compile quick reports, manage your overloaded resources, or even work from multiple devices. If your projects are becoming more complex, then you need software that can handle your team’s growth.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back.

Microsoft Project Server is the go-to tool for complex project management. If you aren’t using it at this point, here’s what you’re missing:

  • Effective and Efficient Resource Management
  • Project Portfolio Prioritization
  • Collaboration Across Multiple Channels and Projects
  • Portfolio and Project Artifact Management
  • Project Portfolio Prioritization

And those are just a few.

Deploying this software is not easy. Rather, incorrect deployment or rushed implementation could set your schedule back so much that it didn’t make sense to license the software in the first place.

When you’re making the move to a system like Microsoft Project Server, you could use a team of experts as your guide.

At Advisicon, we have deployed all versions of Project Server in the cloud and on-premise, including the newly-released 2016 version. We’ve done these deployments all over the world and have a multicultural staff that can work with you –wherever you and your team are.

We want to be more than just a technical advisor. Our passion is in partnership – we want to use our expertise to give your team everything you need to succeed.

Are you ready to revolutionize your processes? Let us know where you are and how we can help.

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