Microsoft Project Server Upgrades

We hear it all the time: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This makes sense in just about every field except software, especially in project management. You’re working with systems that are constantly evolving. Tools are being developed and upgraded almost daily that can make your life easier. All it takes is a little investment.

It goes deeper than just “staying current”. If you’re still running Microsoft Project 2007 or 2010, you’re likely out of compliance with your organization’s governance policies regarding IT platforms. We would not be surprised to hear how you are dissatisfied with your system’s performance, or the lack of capabilities you and your users are seeing in comparison to other, more modern, platforms.

It’s time to upgrade to a server that can handle your organization’s needs.

Your organization has made a significant investment in configuring, building business processes around, and training your people to use Microsoft Project Server however, with Microsoft Project Server, it’s not just about upgrading; it’s about doing it right.

Upgrading Project Server in-house means investing tons of learning time on something your team members may do only once or twice in their entire career. People switch roles so frequently that they may never perform a Project Server upgrade again. Even if they are in the role for a while, the next deployment may be so significantly different from the first one that they’ll have to basically relearn the process.

That’s a lot of time invested to learn something one may never use again. It’s like teaching someone to be fluent in Japanese who’s only doing a one-week trip to Tokyo and not doing it again for three or more years.

Save yourself that time and bring in a team of experts. We’ve performed multiple upgrades and migrations of Project Server 2007 and 2010. That means we’ve already encountered and overcome the most common issues – and many of the unusual ones, too. Even if we hadn’t seen them yet, our initial mapping process is so thorough that it identifies nearly every potential problem your specific environment will have before we even start.

That means when planning is done, downtime is scheduled, and it’s time for the actual upgrade, it’s full steam ahead. Our process is scripted, tested, and proven to work. No unproductive troubleshooting or having to learn something. You have minimal risk, and now you’re on a platform that’s supportable.

Not to mention, time is running out. The end of your product support window is fast approaching. At this point, updates are no longer coming and most support options are unavailable.

It’s time to get current. Your team’s ability to manage and execute a project efficiently is on the line. Maximize the potential of your Microsoft Project Server by upgrading with Advisicon.

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