Getting Started:
Microsoft Project Online

Day-to-day business, simplified

Seeing the benefits of an Enterprise Project Management system used to involve complex and expensive installations.

Now, with Office 365, you simply turn on the system and have a Project and Portfolio Management platform that’s both self-contained and ready to be configured.

This is a huge leap forward for small organizations, departments and any other small teams who don’t have the resources and experience to support infrastructure, hardware or installation processes.

We can help you leverage these PPM systems, primarily your project and portfolio data analysis in Microsoft Project Online. This allows you to collaborate more effectively, manage projects more efficiently, and essentially improve operations for all of your Project Management organizations.

Our customers cross every industry, from technology, manufacturing, healthcare, even governmental agencies:

  • Port of San Diego
  • City of San Francisco
  • Colfire Insurance
  • Precision Aircraft
  • Gold Coast Health Plan
  • South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services

At Advisicon, we have the skills – both in the methodologies and the technologies – to cover not only Project Management and Program Management, but also Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning.

How Microsoft Project Online optimizes business operations

Advisicon leverages the leading industry Technologies and Collaboration Tools, including Business Intelligence and reporting/automation systems. All of these work together to properly grow an organization’s Project Management Culture.

If you have already been using PPM tools but know there is more, you aren’t alone. Many of our clients are self-taught users—which is great—but can lead to very important features being overlooked or underutilized. What often happens is, after our training, our clients come away with a much deeper understanding of their software’s features and capabilities. They then use Microsoft Project Online in ways they didn’t think possible, making their workloads and processes much smoother.

One of our favorite examples of this came from working with a leading Financial Planning company in New York. Like many organizations, they were managing their resources through Excel spreadsheets. This, especially for an organization of their size, created an undue workload and lacked dynamic reporting.

We did a quick overview of their processes and immediately found some key overlaps and redundancies that could be simplified and automated. By the time we were finished, this company had built project plans, forecasts and automated updates from resources. They achieved automated resource demand management through leveling, resource, project performance dashboards, and resource capacity dashboards.

In short, Microsoft Project Online, by nature, is a complex tool. Its customizations are a double-edged sword for some organizations – they can make your software fluid or that much more complicated.

When used properly, it can support a variety of business situations. Therefore, it’s important to configure the system properly to support your specific needs while still maintaining low overhead.

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