Microsoft Integration Services

We go into the organization and present the differences between the old and the new.

As software continues to improve, there’s less demand for older versions and they eventually become nothing more than an afterthought. When that happens, support for that software falls by the wayside as well. But who has time to keep up on all the updates or latest versions of the software you need to keep your organization thriving?

We Know Your Organization

Spending time addressing issues with unsupported software is not efficient, and any amount of downtime can be costly. As an Advisicon client, we take the time to know exactly what products you currently use and when it’s time to upgrade. We monitor announcements, notifications, and advisories to keep our clients up-to-date and problems a minimum.

For example, if an organization is currently using Microsoft Office 2010, Advisicon will alert them to the fact that it will no longer be supported and discuss an upgrade to the current version of the product. We take the data from the old system and migrate it to the new system, as well as any custom solutions we developed for their use.

Training Included

Advisicon doesn’t stop there. We go into the organization and present the differences between the old and the new. New, remaining, and discontinued features and how they affect the organization will be discussed. With your own computer, or one provided by Advisicon, we can demonstrate the functionality to your team, and provide a hands-on opportunity to test new products.

Any custom solutions we’ve provided in the past will be adapted to the new system, or new solutions will be created if feasible. If there are questions down the road, we offer support packages that will arm your employees with the assistance they need while using the new software.

We offer:

  • Software Installation & Update
  • Migration
  • Software Training
  • Custom Solutions
  • Support Packages

Although most of our clients use Microsoft products, we provide implementation, migration, and customizations and support for several other software systems that you may have in place.

In this fast-paced digital world, software becomes obsolete as new and improved systems are created. With Advisicon, your organization will never be left behind. For more information on migrating Microsoft programs, or how we can make your organization more efficient, contact us today.

  • Stay up to date with needed with updates
  • An exhaustive investigation into current software will let us know where you stand
  • Before implementation of new software, Advisicon will train affected staff members
  • Our services are not limited to Microsoft products, covering a wide range of platforms and operating systems
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