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Advisicon Microsoft 365 Administrative Services

Why use Microsoft 365?

With the addition of many new modern advanced features and the extension of those features into the complex and threat rich environment of the cloud, the complexity for safely managing the environment has grown exponentially.

Advisicon’s Microsoft 365 Support delivers remote, telephone-based expert technical support for Customers who are subscribed to the following Microsoft Online Services:

  1. Microsoft 365
    1. Business
    2. Enterprise
    3. Education
    4. Nonprofit
  2. Separate Subscriptions
    1. Office 365
    2. Enterprise Mobility & Security 
    3. Windows 10 as a Service

Advisicon Microsoft 365 Service Offerings:

Centralized Administration Services

1.     Monitor user activities on your Office 365 accounts to analyze usage patterns as well as identify behavioral trends. For example, you can extract specific usage scenarios, such as files that are shared outside your organization or the most popular SharePoint sites.

2.    Monitor administrator activities to track configuration changes or high privilege operations.

3.    Detect and investigate unwanted user behavior, which can be customized for your organizational needs.

4.    Demonstrate audit and compliance. For example, you can monitor file access operations on confidential files, which can help you with the audit and compliance process.

5.    Perform operational troubleshooting by using log queries on top of Office 365 activity data of your organization.

6.    Monitor system health and troubleshoot Office 365 availability and usage.

7.     Administer users and their cloud identities to ensure only authorized users have access.

8.    Manage subscriptions to provide and control access to software and functionality.

9.    Manage your Azure AD Tenant settings which determine which applications are available.

10.  Manage security and privacy to allow secure collaboration, sharing, and search of even sensitive information.

11.  Manage Exchange to control email access and features.

12.  Manage Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to defend from hackers, malware, and unwanted intrusion.

13.  Manage and automate control and access from mobile devices.

14.  Manage data compliance and retention policies to meet regulatory requirements.

Migration Services

Office 365

1.    Provision Azure AD Tenants and add and configure custom domains.

2.    Plan, implement, and configure network security in Office 365, including DNS, client connectivity, Azure Rights Management, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

3.    Set up and configure Azure AD Connect to implement, integrate, and manage Online user IDs corresponding with On-Premise user IDs.

4.    Migrate email to Exchange Online from On-Premise, or from other cloud-based providers and configure Advanced Threat Protection.

5.    Plan and implement user storage in Microsoft OneDrive in cloud.

6.    Configure Outlook, Skype for Business client, Teams client, Office Online, and Visio Online, choosing between Click-to-Run or Windows Installer (MSI) and implement modern authentication for Office 365 clients.

Security Services

Security Audits

·        Review Microsoft 365 Azure ADTenant for security threats and compliance standards

·        Use Best Practice Standards, Microsoft Secure Score and Data Compliance Standards to audit tenant.

Plan and Implement Advanced Threat Protection

·        Exchange Online Protection

·        Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

·        Safe Attachments

·        Safe Links

·        Azure Advanced Threat Protection

·        Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Threat Intelligence Configuration

·        Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

·        Advanced Threat Analytics

Plan and configure Access Management

·        Conditional Access Policies

·        Device Access Policies

·        Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

·        Solutions for External Access (Business to Consumer – B2C, Business to Business – B2B)

Information Protection

·        Information Rights Management

·        Office 365 Message Encryption

·        Azure Information Protection

·        Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

·        Windows Information Protection

·        Data Loss Prevention Policies

·        Office 365 Cloud App Security

Data Governance

·        Retention Policies

·        Archiving Policies

·        Compliance Policies


·        Plan for Mobile Application Management

·        Plan for Mobile Device Management

·        Deploy Mobile Device Management

·        Enroll Devices to Mobile Device Management

Windows 10 as a Service

Deployment Planning

·        Windows Autopilot configuration

·        Device compliance plan

·        Device deployment plan

Application Deployment Plan

Environment Readiness Audit

·        Network Audit

·        Device Readiness Audit

Security Planning

·        Device protection planning and implementation

·        Access Management

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