The first Advisicon Nonprofit Solutions Hackathon is designed to bring together the local tech community with a goal of developing ways to remove roadblocks to helping communities and serving those in need.

With three unique challenges posed by our nonprofit partners, we aim to fuse progress and solution-driven tech brilliance with the needs of our local community nonprofits for a sprint to solutions! Let the best solution win!

Advisicon adheres to the Hackathon Community Guidelines and wants you to have a great Hackathon Event Experience. Please contact us at with any questions.


Advisicon Headquarters:
5411 NE 107th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 


5 pm – 9 pm Friday, TBD
9 am – 9 pm Saturday, TBD
9 am – 5 pm Sunday, TBD


HACKER | Registration deadline: TBD

To really make this event GO, we need those who have the technical, creative, analytical, development, or project management skills and like to have fun! We are looking for tech enthusiasts in the developer community. Anyone who feels like they have coding skills, or want to grow their skills by participating, is encouraged to register.

This is a free event for hackers, courtesy of our sponsors! Meals and beverages will be provided free of charge. Prizes will be awarded for the best solutions. Need more motivation? Click here.

NONPROFIT | Submission Deadline: TBD

If you are associated or a part of a nonprofit organization looking for a technology based solution, please fill out a challenge submission form. We will pick the top three submissions to challenge our technology participants to solve. If your organization is selected to participate, you may have opportunities to participate in the event as well!

Hackathon solutions are provided free of charge for your nonprofit. This event provides publicity & opportunities to engage donors. To start, simply submit your idea for a tool. Need more details? Click here. 

SPONSOR | Registration Deadline: TBD

Do you want to increase your brand visibility and improve consumer perception? As a hackathon sponsor, you would be associated with a positive endeavor in your local community and benefit from the media and promotion of the event, including logos on all collateral material as well as inclusion in local and regional media coverage.

In-kind opportunities are available for providing event staples such as food, beverages, prizes, participation gifts, etc. Additionally, all sponsorship packages are customizable. Please click here to see our one-sheet for details.


“We contribute to the vitality of Southwest Washington by providing a framework of collaboration, learning and outreach for nonprofits. We do this by:

  • Providing affordable access to information and resources for nonprofit staffs, boards and volunteers.
  • Facilitating information sharing and collaborative work among nonprofits and their supporters.
  • Supporting the growth of civic engagement by connecting the caring public to nonprofits so they can donate,
    volunteer and better appreciate their community and neighbors.
  • Providing nonprofits the opportunity for strengthened voice & advocacy to amplify their impact in the



1. What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons have been standard events in the Tech Industry since the late 1990s. It is an intensive experience that gathers programmers such as software developers, user interface (UI) specialists, and graphic designers together with industry experts and professionals to recognize issues and produce software solutions, customarily over a weekend.

2. Who should attend?

Tech Developers – Tech ninjas, makers, game programmers, and rebels that code. Come to hack in the name of doing something crazy, fantastic, and helpful for the local community.
UI/UX Designers – Talented designers to make everything work intuitively and create a beautiful user experience.

3. What do I bring?

This Hackathon is a very hands-on and grassroots effort. Bring laptops, cell phones, and any other relevant hardware
(powerstrip, chargers, etc.). We recommend downloading the latest versions of any software you’ll need ahead of
time. Above all, prepare yourself by hydrating and getting plenty of sleep. Your energy and brain are your #1!

4. How do I form or join a team?

To form a team, in your application please completely identify each one of your team members. Team size may vary from two to ten, depending on the total number of hackers. Some rearrangement of teams may be occur, but your specified team preferences will be taken into account. If you register as an individual, you will be assigned a team based upon your unique skill set.

5. Are there prizes?

We are able to provide prizes thanks to our sponsors!

6. Is this an overnight Hackathon?

No. The ending time of each hack session is as follows: Friday, 9pm. Saturday, 9pm. Sunday, 5pm.

7. Is there reimbursement for travel?

No. We do not offer any reimbursement for travel expenses.

8. Is there a Hackathon Code of Conduct?

Yes, see it here.

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