Technology Audit and Assessment

As industry methodology and technology experts at Advisicon, we focus on your ROI in our results-driven consulting services. We streamline processes through Microsoft Project consulting and BI report development to implement mission-critical, complex projects in support of revenue growth and reduction of internal efficiencies throughout company processes.

Many companies that come to us for consulting services know they need to improve enterprise-wide efficiency and reduce internal costs. But the challenge for many is knowing where to begin. When you work with Advisicon, we’ll look at workflows and processes across the company, identify inefficiencies and roadblocks to success, and provide trusted recommendations to align scalable and sustainable solutions to ensure your company remains competitive in an increasingly technology-driven business environment.

With technology playing an increasingly universal role in how modern business is conducted, ensuring that you’re integrating technology effectively into every aspect of your workflow is crucial for long-term and sustained business growth.

How does a technology audit work?

With a technology audit, we’ll assess your company’s business maturity, processes and opportunities for success. By providing PMO (Project Management Office) best practices, standards and approaches, we’ll identify areas within the enterprise that can be improved upon with advanced technological support and software.

Many companies we see often rely on outdated software or a multitude of programs throughout the company. This slows workflows and complicates collaboration among departments. When taking a look at the company as a whole, we can gather information on internal pain points, roadblocks and current software that’s being utilized. By identifying where companies are the least efficient, we can help create new processes around how business done through optimizing and integrating technology into everything they do.

Assessment and Recommendations

After completing a technology audit, we’ll provide a number of recommendations targeting internal processes to streamline workflows among departments across the enterprise. We’ll suggest technologies that we’re experts in, such as Microsoft Project, that encourages productivity and collaboration in service of your company’s bottom line.

In addition, we may recommend and provide training in industry best practices and software to ensure your business is operating at its optimum level. For example, we often integrate custom reporting tools, Business Information technologies, and an array of Microsoft services to boost revenue growth and reduce internal inefficiencies.

Results-driven consulting services with Advisicon

Advisicon is project, program and portfolio management company investing in your success. Through technology implementations, industry best practices and workflow development, we are here to support you with every step of the process. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business identify and reduce inefficiencies in support of sustained revenue growth for the long haul.

  • By addressing shortcomings, we’ll improve your ROI
  • Our solutions are scalable, improving the organizational process now and for the future
  • If parts of your business technology need to be upgraded, updates will be integrated with existing software
  • We provide training with new tech, as well as best practices and project management

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