Case Study: Tonkon Torp LLP

Business Situation

Lacking a comprehensive and automated Human Resources system that could proactively handle all personnel changes, Tonkon Torp was experiencing significant pain points resulting in unnecessary delays, employee dissatisfaction and revenue loss.


Tonkon Torp, LLC is one of the largest law firms headquartered in Oregon, with over 80 lawyers dedicated to a sophisticated business practice. For over the past 40 years, they have been centered on their core values of excellent legal work, leadership, and client service and community involvement.

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Solution Delivered

Our team created a roadmap of all necessary processes and requirements. We customized SharePoint to proactively automate alerts, notifications, workflows and dashboards that could track and report progress on any personnel changes. Allowing for interdepartmental visibility, this approach created collaboration between Human Resources, IT and Facilities.


Our solution helped identify and eliminate duplicative processes, streamline existing activity interaction and automate the personnel change workflow which eliminated missed activities and delayed deliverables, saving our customer hundreds of hours a month.

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