Case Study: Sharp Labs Microsoft Sharepoint Services Implementation

Advisicon preformed requirements gathering, proposed an EPM solution, and then installed, configured, and deployed the solution. This created a searchable digital repository of documents, and centralized the communications of project risks and issues.

Business Situation

Sharp had no visible tracking, reporting or forecasting system for their IT and R&D projects. There was no cohesive approach to communicating issues, status on projects and document sharing was fragmented and scattered. Sharp needed a way to make their R&D and intellectual resources easily accessible on a global basis. They needed a reliable way to share information, collaborate and store information. Furthermore, this data needed to be easily available for presentations and accessible for reports quickly, reliably and securely.


Sharp Laboratories is part of Sharp Microelectronics (Worldwide), one of the world’s leading technology companies. Sharp’s international research and development teams work in different locations around the globe and need to collaborate with colleagues and vendors to develop new solutions for their growing portfolio of products.

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Solution Delivered

Advisicon facilitated the discovery and requirements gathering process, proposed solutions and then installed, configured and deployed an EPM solution. The solution included using a SharePoint Portal, Project Server and Key WebParts within SharePoint, to facilitate quick cross-site communications regarding project risks and issues.

Advisicon developed WebParts and integrated them into the working processes around Sharp’s project management culture. The solution provided a centralized communications and project collaboration platform that was adopted by the organization and was able to meet the their technology requirements.


  • Centralized and facilitated cross-site communications of project risks and issues
  • Searchable digital repository of documents
  • Enabled a collaborative online community
  • Enabled dedicated online workspaces to multiple communities of practice
  • Minimal administration and management
  • Rapid time to use – site design and deployment
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