Workflow Automation

The purpose of workflow automation is to simply improve the way a company operates. You may have heard of workflow automation by other names, such as business process management (BPM) or process automation. Properly configured workflow automation is a method by which a company can automate a series of tasks so that its employees and managers are freed up to focus on the important processes that cannot be automated.

When you partner with Advisicon, we’ll work with your organization to identify workflow barriers, inefficiencies and other opportunities for improvement. After an initial audit stage, we’ll provide a range of recommendations for software tools and strategies that address those gaps in productivity. Through a number of tools and digital programs, workflow automation can successfully restart an organization’s operations and dramatically minimize the number of manual tasks that divert resources from more important tasks.

Benefits of workflow automation

Workflow automation saves time and money by streamlining the efficiency of internal processes and reducing the chances for costly errors. Here are some advantages of incorporating workflow automation into your organization’s daily processes:

  • Allow greater focus on tasks that matter: By taking care of the more menial activities of a major project or process, workflow automation effectively frees up resources to address those far more critical responsibilities that support the enterprise’s long-term business goals.
  • Improve enterprise-wide communications: Automating handoffs gets everyone involved on a project on the same page and helps show clearly defined responsibilities for each employee. Rather than waiting for management to assign the next task, automated communication will push the process forward while minimizing the chance of human error or stalling the communication process.
  • Empower project managers to keep goals on track: Workflow automation can provide a top-level view of large-scale projects or processes through data visualization tools and accountability charts so that project managers can measure goal progress. This also gives them the ability to identify repetitive tasks and adjust workflows so that everyone can operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Workflow automation consulting services

Advisicon is committed to increasing an organization’s ROI through project management training and consulting with cutting-edge technology and proven industry best practices. Contact us today to see how our project and portfolio methodologies can greatly improve internal efficiency and get your enterprise operating at its optimum level.

  • Improve your business process management to free up time for important tasks
  • Software suggestions and improved strategies improve productivity
  • Improved communication keeps everyone on the same page
  • Have a better idea where a project is all along the way

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