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With customized solutions created by Advisicon, your masters, visionaries, and pros will become even more efficient.

You’re a Microsoft Master. Your employees are Visio Visionaries and Project Pros. However, if everyone is still having to jump in and out of these programs to complete a task, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. With customized business process management Microsoft solutions created by Advisicon, your masters, visionaries, and pros will become even more efficient.

Advisicon creates dashboards specific to an organization or the different departments within an organization. Equipped with MS tools that are most often used, this dashboard will give users everything they need at their fingertips. Instead of scrolling a menu looking for the product you need, dashboard links are always readily available.

With more than 20 years of experience, Advisicon understands Microsoft programs inside and out. We’ve seen features come and go, dealt with the bugs, and installed, upgraded, and updated more applications then we can count. This knowledge gives us an incredible amount of MS product knowledge and how it can be integrated together.

Workflow Automation

Also referred to as business process management, Advisicon implements workflow automation to help organizations concentrate on the big stuff while smaller, time-consuming small stuff is taken care of in the background.

Used in conjunction with Advisicon project management training, workflow automation will increase your ROI, cut down on costly errors, and free up time to focus on what’s important: growing your organization.

Product Development

How does Excel work with Visio? How many programs can we bundle? And how does it all work with SharePoint? Advisicon will answer those questions as well as provide solutions to issues you didn’t know you had.

Some consulting companies will show you how the software works, while other companies will just install the software. Advisicon is a one stop shop for all of your business software, including robust support packages that will keep your organization up and running.

Not getting enough out of your stable of Microsoft products? Would you even know if you were? Contact Advisicon today and we’ll find out how much more efficient you can be.

  • Give your Microsoft pros the power to be even bigger stars
  • Implement dashboards that give users the data they need at their fingertips
  • Implement workflow automation with the small stuff so the organization can tackle the big stuff
  • Advisicon will show you how the software works and how they can work together to improve productivity
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