The Need for Project Scalability


The more time that I spend with customers from every business sector, the more that I find that the path to successful Program to Portfolio Management technologies is paved with the need to have scalability (both from top down, but also bottom up). A good schedule can not only be utilized to manage the tactical level of detail, but also be used as a portfolio reporting and timeline dashboard with key milestones, either with or without an enterprise tool (like Project Server).

In 2011, our team (myself included) created a series of videos and a flowchart describing the scalability of Project to Program to Portfolio management and back down from the Portfolio level to the tactical level of schedules. This material can really be helpful in assisting organizations to grasp and quickly adapt the tools to support their growing culture needs.

If you haven’t seen this, I would recommend leveraging this to assist you in your growing needs with both culture and technology of Project to Portfolio Management.

In 2010 the concept of using spreadsheets is completely folded into MS Project and provides a vehicle for helping drive organizations into a relational database as well as being able to port information to dashboards and business intelligence in SharePoint (I’ll write more about this later).

Take a look at the videos and download a free copy of the flowchart. Let us know if there are questions or items we can help drive you towards in better understanding how to leverage tools in your growing Project to Portfolio needs.


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