Set Project’s ‘Show project summary task’ as Default


Currently in Microsoft Office Project, you can turn on the Project Summary Task, but the setting only applies to the project on which you are currently working and there is no ‘Set as Default’ option available in the View tab.

Do you find it is a hassle to have to turn this feature on for every project, especially when you always use it?

Would like to be able to have the Project Summary Task to be on by default for all of your project?


1.    Go to Start – Run and type regedit.
2.    Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0MS ProjectOptionsView
3.    Right-click on View and go to New – DWORD Value
4.    Type in the new name: Show Project Summary
5.    Click away from Show Project Summary
6.    Double-click on Show Project Summary
7.    Enter  the number 1 in the Value data field
8.    Click OK and close the window.

Your registry should look like the picture below.

From now on you new Project files will display the project Summary Task by default.

Posted By: Kevin Williamson

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