Projects stuck in read only mode or checked out


How many times have you been frustrated because your projects appear to be checked out to you when you don’t have them open.

A quick solution is to call or e-mail the system administrator and kindly ask him to force check-in your project.

But if you have the right permissions you can do it yourself.

1. Go to the Quick Launch menu and select Server Settings.

2. Under the menu Database Administrator select Force Check In Enterprise Objects

3. Select the project you want to check-in

4. Select the button Check-In

5. You will be asked if you really want to force check in the project. Select OK

6. Go to Project Pro and try to open your project. If it’s still not able to be opened, further trouble shooting may be required.

Posted By: Javier Gonzalez

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    nice, I have a newer version (I know this is old), but still works.



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