Project Server 2010 Scalability Videos


*[PPM]: Project Portfolio Management

If you’re wondering how to plan for [Project Server 2010 scalability]( “buy the flowchart on our store”), we have 4 videos to help introduce you to the PPM lifecycle, perform work and capacity planning, consolidate project metadata, and a top down view of strategic metadata.

Videos after the jump.

## Video: Introduction to the PPM Lifecycle View this video on Microsoft’s site.

## Video: Work and Capacity Planning [View this video on Microsoft’s site]( “Project Server 2010 Scalability: Work and Capacity Planning”).

## Video: Consolidating Project Metadata [View this video on Microsoft’s site]( “Project Server 2010 Scalability: Need for Consolidation of Project Metadata… Moving from Ad-Hoc to Projectized”).

## Video: Top Down View of Strategic Metadata [View this video on Microsoft’s site]( “Project Server 2010 Scalability: Top Down View of Strategic Metadata… Business Driven Project Portfolio Management”).

## Other Materials

We refer to a couple of other materials in our videos. The [scalability flowchart]( “buy the flowchart on our store”) can be found on our store.

The [white paper]( “download the whitepaper as a PDF”) was created to shine some light on critical elements related to the discussions, decisions, and adoption of Microsoft Project 2010. Companies are looking to better align strategy with financial planning and look to their corporate diversity, regional presences and departmental structure for the best way forward. The purpose of this white paper is to address some of the main factors for scalability, best practices, and opportunities for creating wins from the potential challenges often faced when implementing a solution such as Project Server 2010. The information presented will initiate dialogue and thought around the use of and growth with Project 2010 that includes the individual SKUs of Project Client, Project Server and SharePoint Server.

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