Project Management is Worth the Risk


Five years ago if someone told me I’d be working for a project management company, I may have died laughing.

Early in my professional career I realized the joys of working in the customer service world: making my customers happy and confident in the work I provided, and getting my hands dirty. This is why the Steel industry was a good fit for me. I took care of customer orders, organized company events, traveled to see customers and whatever other administrative work needed to be done. I even got down and dirty in the plant a few times.

## Taking a Leap of Faith

… coming from the steel industry to project management was **terrifying** but I knew that if I didn’t take a leap of faith, **I’d spend the rest of my career wondering if I made the right decision.**

Over a year ago I found myself “stuck” in my career. I don’t mean “stuck” as in “I wasn’t enjoying it,” but I was stuck because I had plateaued.  There was nowhere else for me to go and no other chances to grow.

Then I was given the opportunity to interview at Advisicon for a position that I thought was completely out of my realm of skills.

You have to realize, coming from the steel industry to project management was terrifying but I knew that if I didn’t take a leap of faith, I’d spend the rest of my career wondering if I made the right decision.

After the first couple of months I realized I had been completely wrong about how my skills fit in project management. Everything I am currently doing is right in my wheel house but in a different way than it had been in the steel industry.

Project management challenges me, my skill set and my knowledge while giving me an opportunity to grow.

## Project Management Was Always There

**Project management is everywhere**, even if you can’t see it.

Looking back I’ve come to realize I was involved in project management from the very beginning, I just didn’t know it.  From taking the customer’s order and making sure it was complete and on time to organizing our company picnics is all project management related.

Project management is everywhere, even if you can’t see it.

Over the past year I‘ve learned that most everything we do in our career is – in one way or another – related to project management. But what sets this company apart is the fact that I, the little old girl who came from the steel industry, can actually earn her PMP! _Me!_  Who would have thought?

## An Opportunity Worth Taking

A chance arose for my coworkers and me to take an internal class [prepping for the upcoming PMI PMP]( “PMP prep course”) exam this July.

To say the least I was a little hesitant to sign up for the course.  I felt I didn’t meet any of the qualifications, plus I would be missing some classes due to my vacation and other meetings already scheduled.

After talking with a coworker and her basically telling me I’d be nuts not to take advantage of this opportunity I gritted my teeth and signed up.

We are a month in and I cannot believe I even considered not taking this course.

## The Sky’s the Limit

After a few short weeks of reading the PMBOK Guide, Kim Heldman’s PMP Study Guide and taking advantage of the internal course, everything is starting to come full circle.

I am able to relate the information to my past and current positions and it all makes sense.

By getting the opportunity to challenge myself and expand my knowledge and skill set, there is no more being “stuck”. The sky’s the limit and I intend to reach as high as my willingness to learn will take me.

*[PMP]: Project Management Professional
*[PMI]: Project Management Institute
*[PMBOK]: Project Management Body of Knowledge

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    This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your experience and the journey that led you to project management. Your experience is something everyone can relate to and an excellent reminder that the best things in life are always worth taking a risk for!

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    Great post AMY!!

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