Project Columns Wider Than the Standard Width


Have you ever opened up a MS Project File and found the columns to be wider than the standard width?Here are a few scenarios that could be causing the column width to be wider than normal.

1.Your font size is large and driving the row height.

2.The task description is too long to fit in the column width, and word wrap has applied and expanded the row height.

3.You have added text above or below the Gantt bars.This particular issue is hard to find since your Table Entry columns are too wide, yet the change needs to occur in the Gantt Chart.To alleviate the problem, move your text to the left or the right of your Gantt bars.

Note:If you are unable to remove the text from above or below the Gantt bars, try removing all the text from the Gantt bars and reapply as in the following:

Delete text in all fields:

Once the fields are cleared, you may go back into your Format Bar dialog box and choose the text from the dropdown list that you wish to display in the Gantt Chart view.For example, if you want the Name of the Project Summary to be shown to the Right of the Gantt Bar, you would choose Name.

Notice that “On Cycle Billing” which is the Name of the Project, appears to the right of the Gantt Bar.

If you want your row height to remain the standard of row height 1, DO NOT add text above or below your Gantt Bars.

Posted By: Mindy Ogles


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