Project Professional 2013 Preview and Office 13 Out for Review


How exciting [Project Professional 2013 Preview]( “Project Online preview”) and [Office 13]( “Office 13 preview”) are now available for Public review.

This is something that many of us who have worked on and have been using for the last 9 months are very excited that people can now begin to get a glimpse of what is coming.  Of course you may ask… when will it be out… and the answer is… I can’t tell you as that is highly secretive.

However, it would be good to understand what is availble in both Office 13 and Project Professional 2013 Preview, including the ability to work from the Cloud.

There is some great content, videos and training materials avialable from the site.  Of course [Advisicon]( “View the Advisicon main site”) and [Advisicon staff]( “Learn about the people who make up Advisicon”) would be happy to help answer questions that may be more particular in nature.

I have already had some questions come up about Project Professional Online and yes, it is on the same site as well.  Just make sure that you click on the [Project Management]( “Project, Program, & Portfolio Management through Advisicon”) tab.

One thing to note is the “Metro” look and feel. While this may be a bit foreign to some, those who will be seeing Windows 8 and also who are liking the option of Windows Phone and tablet computing this will be a natural fit.

SharePoint, Visio, Office all are moving in this direction and are providing more collaboration and interaction between the applications than ever before.

There are some great new reporting features inside of MS Project Online Preview that never existed before so you will be even more empowered in building good analytics directly inside of a project schedule.

Of course good practices in scheduling, project management and resource demand and capacity planning all still apply. This upcoming and future release will help to continue to streamline those work collaboration and the opportunity to drive fantastic business intelligence with less effort.

Respond in the comments, we would love to hear your thoughts. Go out, review and enjoy.


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