People Reading: Is There A Down Side?


In this post, personality and communication expert Pamela Cournoyer answers some frequently asked questions about people reading.

## Is There a Down Side?

**Question:** Is there a down side to people reading, or reading people well enough to get them to do what you want?

**Answer:** There can be.

## Isn’t People Reading Manipulative?

**Q:** As a people reader, will you become manipulative and sneaky?

**A:** You could read people very well, and you can learn to get whatever you want from others. Word of warning: once the person you manipulated reads it that way, it will be 10 times more difficult to win their trust again.

Manipulation in people reading is an intention. _I do not recommend coming from anywhere but sincerity_.

## How Can I Use People Reading Without Being Fake?

**Q:** If I am sincere, but I change my way of communicating to work with someone, aren’t I being a fake?

**A:** No, you are using people reading as a communication tool, you are adapting to the other person.

If you are a processor and like time to think before you make a decision, do you want someone to push you into making a decision? Wouldn’t you prefer the person gave you the space you need to make a better decision? If that person does step back and give you space, they are adapting to your style.

They are people reading you.

Being a fake means there is no sincerity, and you are using the other person.

## So, What is the Down Side to People Reading?

**Q:** The only down side to people reading, when you come from a sincere tone and approach, is that you didn’t apply it sooner. Right?

**A:** If you are not laughing, it’s time to [Communicate with a little CLASS]( “Take Pamela’s Making Sense of Workplace Personalities course!”).

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