IPM Day 2012: Meet Cindy Lewis, Our New MVP


Cindy Lewis (MVP) on International Project Management Day

Once again, [International Project Management Day](http://internationalpmday.org/about-ipm-day/ “Learn about IPM Day on the official website”) approaches! Since 2004, the first Thursday of every November has been IPM Day: a day to recognize project managers and their teams.

Project management practitioners contribute to the success of their organizations daily. These are the people who help to ensure high quality products and services are delivered. They work to improve productivity. Their methodologies control costs and increase efficiency. And they do all of this while managing scope.

IPM Day celebrates the contributions of these fine individuals to their organizations and to the field of project management itself.

As the [International Project Management Day organization puts it](http://internationalpmday.org/about-ipm-day/ “About IPM Day on the offical website”), the goal of IPM Day is:

> Worldwide recognition of the many project managers and project teams in every industry including non profit organizations and health care who contribute their time, energy, creativity, innovation, and countless hours to deliver products, services, facilities, and provide emergency and disaster recovery services in every city and community around the world.

> The international project management day is intended to encourage project based organizations worldwide or organizations who utilize project management methodologies to schedule some type of recognition event within their organizations or coordinated locally with others to truly demonstrate appreciation for the achievements of project managers and their teams.

This year, IPM Day falls on November 1st.

In honor of IPM Day [our newest Microsoft Project MVP, Cindy Lewis](https://www.advisicon.com/2012/10/05/cindy-lewis-awarded-microsoft-project-mvp/), will be meeting project management professionals at [two back-to-back events](http://suda.co.uk/projects/microformats/hcalendar/get-cal.php?uri=”https://www.advisicon.com/2012/10/09/meet-cindy-lewis-on-ipm-day-2012/” “save these events to your calendar”).

At each event she’ll be fostering ongoing learning through **free 15-30 minute sit-downs** on Microsoft Project. What you can learn:

* Come prepared with a technical problem and receive free technical consulting.
* Get a short evaluation of your schedule.
* Receive pointers, tips, and tricks in any version of Microsoft Project.
* Get a preview of the new, exciting features from any version of Microsoft Project.

## PMI Global Congress

Celebrate IPM Day early with Cindy at the PMI Global Congress each evening from October 20th to the 24th. Schedule a time to meet with her by emailing [info@advisicon.com](mailto:info@advisicon.com?subject=Cindy%20Lewis%20Meeting%20Request%20at%20%23PMI%20Global%20Congress “Set up a time to meet with Cindy at the PMI Global Congress”) and using “_Cindy Lewis Meeting Request at #PMI Global Congress_” as your subject line.

The PMI Global Congress is an annual conference for project management professionals. This event is a great opportunity to get inspired, learn new skills & techniques, and strengthen your methodology.

With more than 100 education presentations offered throughout the event, the PMI Global Congress is an excellent chance to earn those valuable PDUs you need in order to maintain your PMI credentials.

If you are not attending the conference or you don’t have a full badge, you can still meet with Cindy! She’ll meet _you_ in the location of your choosing (a hotel lobby, a coffee shop, etc.) as long as it is within walking distance of the Vancouver Convention Center.

[iframe src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&q=vancouver+convention+center&fb=1&gl=us&hq=vancouver+convention+center&cid=0,0,2652278696943329981&ll=49.288993,-123.115998&spn=0.006295,0.006295&t=m&output=embed” width=”100%” height=”250″]

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## Advisicon Meetup

After the PMI Global Congress has finished, Cindy will be at the Advisicon world headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. You’ll find her there between 10am and 5pm on the 25th of October and between 8–11am on the morning of the 26th.

To schedule a sit-down with Cindy at Advisicon, email [info@advisicon.com](mailto:info@advisicon.com?subject=Cindy%20Lewis%20Meeting%20Request%20at%20%23Advisicon “Setup a time to meet with Cindy Lewis at Advisicon HQ”) and use “_Cindy Lewis Meeting Request at #Advisicon_” as your subject line.

[iframe src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&q=advisicon&fb=1&gl=us&hq=advisicon&hnear=0x5495af63c85914f9:0x8456d5112c91e3f3,Vancouver,+WA&cid=0,0,6638403543762404579&t=m&iwloc=A&ll=45.661653,-122.562247&spn=0.006295,0.006295&output=embed” width=”100%” height=”250″]

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*[IPM Day]: International Project Management Day
*[PMI]: Project Management Institute
*[PDU]: Professional Development Unit
*[PDUs]: Professional Development Units

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    Bruno St-Pierre

    Just wanted to thank Cindy again for taking the time from her busy schedule at the PMI Congress to provide me some very insightful tips to help me improve my MS Project schedule. Cindy was very helpful and it was a real pleasure to have the chance to spend some time with her.

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