Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project


A New Project Management Book on Unleashing the Full Potential of Microsoft Project:

In his latest book, Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project, Project MVP and industry expert [Tim Runcie]( addresses the issue of how to harness the power of Microsoft Project.

By addressing the question: How do PMs implement a successful project management strategy using Microsoft Project to drive better business decisions and increase ROI? Runcie and his co-author Mark Dochtermann PMP, divulge a combined fifty years of project management Industry Best Practices knowledge regarding this all too common Microsoft Project question.

How do PMs implement a **successful project management strategy** using Microsoft Project to drive better **business decisions** and increase **ROI**?

The primary focus of Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project is in providing practical and transitional decision making criteria to PMs who may not be operating Microsoft Project at its full capacity. The book blends Microsoft Project, Program and Portfolio Management with Business Intelligence, for a well-rounded look into proven Industry Best Practices that generate results.

Key Insights:

* Work management using Microsoft Project at multiple levels within an organization
* Integrating and supporting overall organizational strategies using Microsoft Project
* Industry tips, tricks and shortcuts around delivering better results with Microsoft Project

Runcie and Dochtermann clearly identify the most efficient methods of using the information Microsoft Project provides, enabling readers to use Industry Best Practices to make informed, effective decisions that support strategic objectives within their organizations.

Watch Tim Runcie’s video on Making Effective Business Decisions Using Microsoft Project:
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*[PMs]: Project Managers
*[ROI]: Return on Investment

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    Elda Hernandez

    This has me thinking of purchasing the book. I actually use Microsoft project and I know I am not using it to its fullest potential and this book sounds like it can help me get to that level. I do have a question, will there be a CD to help with visual learners or to do practice runs on certain aspects of the software?

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    Rochelle Love

    Thank you for sharing this SharePoint info

  • Avatar
    Greg Pearce

    As a novice Microsoft Project user who works in a technical manufacturing environment; there are significant opportunities to improve simultaneous product launches with the application of effective PM skills. This book looks like an excellent resource to improve my general project management skills while learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to Project. I look forward to it.

  • Avatar
    Teresa Merlo

    Great article! Nice to know there is a resource for clarifying SharePoint data.

  • Avatar
    Spencer Stewart

    As a new project management student working towards my first degree, I can’t wait to order this!

  • Avatar
    Emily Christopher

    I am looking forward to reading this book.

  • Avatar

    In response to the demand for interactive tutorials based on the book content, a new website page is currently being constructed as an additional resource for this book.

    Advisicon also offers a Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2010 class in our interactive training room in Vancouver, WA. which is highly effective in learning this material and an excellent resource for visual learners.

  • Avatar
    Lauren Hunt

    I’m looking forward to reading this book. I’ve really been trying to use Microsoft Project for awhile now, and the software just has so many tools I have yet to utilize. I’m very excited to discover the all the short cuts so I can better organize my business.

  • Avatar
    Stacey Garner

    Thanks Nicole! Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Avatar
    Kilo Patterson

    I’m looking forward to adding this book to my list of resources for clients. I frequently encourage them to use the software, but get a slight resistance from the older guys. This book will be a valued tool for me to bring them to the light.

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