How to Make the Most of Enterprise-Level Office 365


You’ve taken the plunge and subscribed to Microsoft Office 365’s Enterprise Level. We expect – as should you – that this investment will greatly benefit your business intelligence awareness and efficiency, and help take your company to the next level, and beyond.
When working with an advanced level of a particular software, it is vital to understand what makes this particular level so useful to you and your employees. The following information can help you truly harness the power of this incredible tool.

Top-Level Benefits

Your Enterprise-Level Microsoft Office 365 is available across all devices, compliance certified, and equipped with advanced IT controls. To make the most of these benefits, be sure to encourage your employees to get familiar with Office functions on mobile, so they can take this BI tool with them, whether they work remotely or are on-the-go between meetings.
With advanced data protection, you can keep high-security files safe, so feel free to upload client data to this system. Finally, by automating tasks, you can reduce your IT costs.

Enjoy the Office Suite

Are you a huge fan of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, or Skype for Business? So are we! Office 365 provides you with the latest versions of all of these tools, and more, allowing you to use a keyboard, pen, or touchscreen to note your ideas. Information from PDFs can be easily transferred to Word documents. Use Skype for Business to reach clients worldwide as if they were in the next room.
All of these features are available on phones, tablets, and PC’s, so you and your employees can easily access the entire suite of tools, wherever you are. This mobility helps cut office spending costs and allows you to hire or maintain employees working from just down the street or across the globe without skipping a beat.
You will also see new tools like O365 Planner for task management and collaboration with teams, people. OneNote attached to most environments to help support notes, and joint planning efforst.

Business-Class Email Perks

Outlook’s premier experience offers unlimited storage, with 50 GB of storage in your primary inbox and unlimited storage in any user’s In-Place Archive. That’s a lot of space, so feel free to save and archive emails relevant to client accounts from last week or last year.
In addition, your Rights Management Services enable you to restrict access to any documents or email specific to individual employees, preventing users that you pre-designate from viewing or editing documents. This feature allows you complete control with regards to sharing secure information.

Power Meetings

With Skype for Business, you can broadcast a meeting on the internet to include up to 10,000 people, attending in a browser or other device. That’s a huge power and can enable you to communicate with employees as well as attendees of seminars and industry events. You also have the option to add in polling in real-time, as well as sentiment tracking and Yammer, all allowing you to enable dialogue to occur during the broadcast. Think of this as you, on a stage, addressing 10,000 people, in a setting in which each can individually respond.
Teamwork on Team Sites & Corporate Social Media
With 1 GB of baseline storage plus 500 MB of storage per user, your employees can enjoy easy access and sharing of all necessary documents. Excel and Visio Services allow for the use of interactive reports, excellent for sharing business intelligence information and analytics on desktop, mobile, or any other device that supports HTML5.
Make sure your team is aware of the connectivity abilities they will have using Yammer collaboration software and business applications, so projects can go the distance and no one misses out on vital information.
In addition, Microsoft Planner allows your team to organize and assign new tasks, create plans, share files, and discuss via chat, with progress updates readily available.

Digital Storytelling

With a product called Sway, your team can create and share interactive presentations, reports, and even personal stories, all by taking a moment to add your content and allowing the program to take it from there. Sway then takes content analysis a step further by suggesting search results based on your content, helping you locate relevant images, tweets, videos, and other social and related web content to add to your developing creation. With built-in formatting and an easy-send link, you can package and send cutting-edge materials to clients within minutes.

Protect Your Information

Enterprise-Level Office 365 protects your data. The subscription offers data loss prevention, rights management, and encryption for Exchange Online, Skype for Business, and SharePoint Online, all to help guard your email, IM, and meeting content.
Looking for other benefits? Office 365 at the Enterprise Level offers voicemail integration, advanced compliance tools, a corporate video portal, apps management, search and discovery tools, and more.

If this system sounds beneficial to your company and you want to learn more, contact our expert team at Advisicon. We partner with Microsoft to offer you the absolute highest-quality trainings and advice on how to adopt and integrate this exceptional enterprise-level tool into your business.


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