Implementing Business Intelligence In The Cloud


03B33828There’s a lot of hype these days about “the cloud” and how it can be used to bolster business intelligence programs, increase productivity and improve data storage. But, just because other companies are rushing to adopt cloud technology doesn’t necessarily mean you should. As you would with any new technology, there are a number of things you should consider before deciding to invest in cloud technology.

Where Is My Data Now? Where your data is stored will dramatically affect how your organization will make the transition to a cloud based BI solution. If your organization is currently utilizing cloud technology to store its data or using cloud-based operational solutions, then chances are it will be easier to make the transition to a cloud based BI solution. On the other hand, if your organization isn’t currently using cloud-based technology a transition to a cloud-based BI system will require more labor intensive data integration efforts.

Are You Willing To Invest In Security? Data security requires extra consideration when it comes to implementing cloud-based BI solutions. To protect your data, make sure to research cloud platforms that designed to support the privacy and security parameters your organization requires. By investing in a cloud-based platform with built in security, you will avoid having to hire someone to manage data security internally.

How Will Your Data Be Integrated? Before implementing a cloud-based BI solution, you’ll want make sure that you’ve got a solid data governance process in place. As these solutions become increasingly complex and disparate data systems require consolidation, you’ll want to ensure that the reliability and validity of your data remains intact over time. Identifying possible pitfalls and complexities that may exist for data integration and storage ahead of time will help you avoid bigger problems in the future. Keep in mind, you may need to hire someone to help manage data integration and storage in order to keep the integrity of your data intact.

Public Or Private? Depending on your industry you will want to decide whether or not to utilize public or private cloud storage options. Although both public and private options should be able to provide sufficient security options for your needs, companies that handle more sensitive user information, i.e. financial services, tend to opt for a private cloud platform over a public one.

Deciding to invest in a cloud-based BI solution isn’t something you should just jump into because you see a competitor doing it or because you’ve heard it’s the latest thing. If your organization is considering implementing a cloud-based BI solution be sure that a detailed evaluation of your business and technical needs is completed first. Then, research a solution that will ease the transition to cloud storage, ensure data security and privacy, and will allow you to consolidate data easily.

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