How to Update and Submit tasks in PWA


Upon logging on to PWA you will be directed to your Home page.

To view your tasks click the “My Tasks” link on the Quick Launch bar on the left.

In the “My Tasks” page follow these steps to update your tasks:

1. Click in the “Progress” field on the row of the task you want to update. This will bring up a calendar that displays the current week.

2. If you need to enter time for a week other than the current week, use the arrow buttons beside the week-span dates at the top of the calendar box to navigate to the correct week. Enter your work for that task in the “Actual Work” line. Enter your work, in hours, for the corresponding day. Continue to enter time for that task on others days you worked on it, as necessary. Click away from the calendar to refresh your My Tasks page. Do the same for any other tasks that need updating.

3. When finished entering progress on your tasks, check the boxes to the left of the tasks you want to submit for updates.

4. When you are ready to submit your updated tasks to your Project Manager, click “Submit Selected” at the bottom right of the screen.

5. You will be prompted with an option to add comments with your task updates. Comments are not required. You can type in a comment or leave it blank. Then click “OK”.

6. You will return to the “My Tasks” page; your tasks successfully submitted.

Another way to update your tasks is on the “Assignment Details” page. To update your tasks on the “Assignment Details” page follow these steps:

1. From the “My Tasks” page click directly on the task name of the task you want to update.

2. This opens the “Assignment Details” page. Here you will see a calendar similar to what you see when updating in the “My Tasks” page. But here you will see more details pertaining to the task like: Total Work and Remaining Work. Update your task in the calendar, the same way you would if you were in the “My Tasks” page. When finished updating that task click “Save”. You will return to the “My Tasks” page. From there you can continue with updating and/or submitting your tasks.

Posted By: Rick Nobleman

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    Great article.

    I had a question with respect to it. Is it possible to hide certain fields in My Tasks Page for some users. Say i want to hide the start date and finish date for Team members and want to display start and finish date for the Project Leads.

    Please let me know if this is possible.


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    Matt Mioduszewski


    Yes you can customize the My Tasks page somewhat. This is done through the Project Server ‘Server Settings’; navigate from the Quick Launch bar on the left (Figure 1: Project Server 2007 — Navigate to My Task Page Settings).
    NOTE: You may need your security permissions changed to access the settings, or coordinate with your Project Server Administrator.

    1: Project Server 2007 — Navigate to My Task Page Settings
    In the Server Settings, click the Manage Views link under Look and Feel (Figure 2: Project Server 2007 — Manage Views).

    2: Project Server 2007 — Manage Views
    Scroll down to the My Work sub-group, and there you will be able to open the specific page you wish to edit (Figure 3: Project Server 2007 — My Tasks — Details).

    3: Project Server 2007 — My Tasks — Details
    Click on the My Assignments link in the My Work sub-group, and here you will be able to make the necessary changes (Figure 4: Project Server 2007 — Edit My Work Page My Assignments).

    4: Project Server 2007 — Edit My Work Page My Assignments
    Below is a before and after scenario (Figure 5: Project Server 2007 — My Assignments View Before and after):

    5: Project Server 2007 — My Assignments View Before and After

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    Yousaf Khan

    I tried the method, but under the “Progress” column in Step 1, I do not get any calendar. It simply allows me to enter the duration. I also do not see the calendar when I go tot the “Assignment Detail” page.

    I am using Project Server 2007.


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    I have same problem as Yousaf, plus when I open “Assignment Details” page, under “Task Progress” I see only 2 input fields (“Total work” and “Completed work”) without calendar (last picture in the article).
    What do I need to do to get described functionality?


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    Yousaf and Zoran,

    The first thing is the patch level. The calendar entry in the first method was added in the Infrastructure update which was post SP1. As a recomendation you should be at SP2 with at least the August 2010 CU(as that fixes some critical issues with SP2), but preferrably the April 2011 CU.

    Second, you need to change the task tracking method in server settings. Navigate to Server Settings in the quick launch. Under Time and Task managment, select Task Settings and Display. The first option on that page is the Tracking Method. You were likely set at Actual work done and work remaining which tracks tasks on those two metrics, but not for any specific time interval. Select Hours of work done per period. This tracks Acual work and work remaining for specific time periods, and will give you the calendar view shown above.


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    I want to show and allow Team Member to update the Start[Task] and Finish[Task] from the details page. However, both of these are not listed as Available. How can i make these i.e. Start[Task] and Finish[Task] available to the users.

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    Michael Randall

    HI Azfar,

    Becuase the My Tasks page is an assignment view, those fields aren’t available. They can update the Start[Assignment] and Finish[Assignment] fields, in both their task list and in the tasks detail page. This will then be submitted for apporval just like any time update for a task, and if approved by the PM will update the project schedule. Was there a specific reason why you needed the task fields specifically?


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