How to Make the Most of Your Microsoft Project Trial


Selecting an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution that works best with your organization is a process that should be well-planned, and it should be undertaken as mission-critical, high-impact and high-priority. Fortunately, Microsoft Project Professional comes in a two-week trial MS Project version, which is a limited-functionality, test-drive version of Microsoft’s latest EPM offering. To get the most out of your Microsoft Project trial, though, you must be prepared for evaluating it. 

Run your Microsoft Project Trial Evaluation Like a Project


Decide what your specific objectives are in purchasing an EPM solution.

  • What qualitative and quantitative returns on investment (ROI) are you seeking from MS Project, and by when? How will you measure these, both during the trial MS Project evaluation and upon full implementation during the control phase?
  • Microsoft Project uses goals from strategic plans to provide in-depth and thorough analyses of project activities, so you need to make sure you have a plan in place. Aligning departmental goals with your company’s overall strategic plan will maximize the gains you can achieve through using Microsoft Project trial.


    Fully implement and integrate limited functions into daily practices.

    • The terms and conditions allow for the product to be used by affiliates of the organization evaluating Microsoft project. As much as possible, integrate the limited features of the trial version of Microsoft project into everyday business tasks and processes, including interactions with project team members and outside affiliates.
    • Microsoft Project Trial terms and conditions say that “You may place Orders for your Affiliates under this agreement and grant your Affiliates administrative rights to manage their Product. Affiliates may not place Orders under this agreement.” Take advantage of the trial’s integration features because it is the only way you will truly know if this product will work with your business.


      Determine how you will measure the success of your Microsoft Project trial in achieving the goals you set out to accomplish with it during the planning phase. Identify and correct user or process errors, and repeat the project cycle again.


Extend Microsoft Project Trial

Trial MS Project has terms and conditions allow for a one-time, free trial extension, within five days of the trial end date. Extend the trial to get a better idea of how MS Project Professional might work for you and your teams.


Keep your data

Retain any data, graphs, charts, and tables you can from your time using the trial. Microsoft retains these for 60 days post-trial, and you must call them to get this data after the trial period ends.


MS Project training and IT support

Projects phases are cyclical, so some phases of your MS Project trial evaluation project may occur concurrently with others. By running your evaluation as a planned, well-researched project, you will be emphasizing the importance of the product to the rest of your organization and maintaining an organized, clear approach to finding the best EPM for your business.

Choosing the wrong EPM software and service or opting to purchase one before your organization is ready for EPM will cost precious resources that implementing EPM solutions in the first place are trying to maximize. Contact Advisicon to learn more about Microsoft Project trainings and general IT support so that your company can boost its productivity to the next level.


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