How to create a Team in Project Server 2007


Project Server 2007 introduced a new feature allowing you to create a team. You can assign work to a team without specifying the team member who will perform the work. However, you first must create the team. You create the list of team names, associate those names with the Team Name custom field, and then assign team members to the teams. Follow the instructions below to create a team.

Create the list of team names

  1. Click Server Settings in the Quick Launch menu.
  2. Click Enterprise Custom Field Definition on the Server Settings page.
  3. On the Custom Fields and Lookup Tables page, click New Lookup Table.
  4. On the New Lookup Table page, type a name for the lookup table in the Name box. For example, you could type Help Desk.
  5. In the Code Mask section, specify the numeric or alphabetic structure of each value in the lookup table.
  6. In the Lookup Table section, type the team names in the table and then click the buttons on the toolbar to create a hierarchical relationship between the values.

Create a custom field that contains team names

  1. On the Quick Launch, click Server Settings.
  2. On the Server Settings page, click Enterprise Custom Field Definition.
  3. On the Custom Fields and Lookup Tables page, edit the Team Name field by clicking the field name.
  4. In the Custom Attributes section, select Lookup Table, and then click the name of the lookup table that you created in step 4 of “create the list of team names”.
  5. In the Required section, select Yes or No to indicate if each user is required to have a team name or not.
  6. Click Save.

Assign team members to a team

  1. On the Quick Launch, click Resources.
  2. In the table, select the resource who you want to make part of a team, and then click Edit Details.
  3. In the Team Detailssection, create one of the two types of team members:
    • To create a team lead, click the Team Assignment Pool box and then select the team in the Team Name box. You can also browse for the name of the team by clicking Browse.
    • To create a regular team member, clear the Team Assignment Pool box and then select the team in the Team Name box.
  4. Click Save. If you selected multiple resources, click Save/Next to change the information for the next resource.

Assign work to the team

Once you have set up the teams, assign all tasks initially to the team lead.

Team members who are not leads can now go to their My Work page, select Self-assign Team Tasks on the Actions menu, and then select those tasks that they want assigned to them.

The team lead can see on the My Work page all team tasks that have been assigned to him or her. Other team members can only see those tasks that they assigned to themselves.

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