How to Change the Assignment Owner on Tasks


According to Microsoft Office Project Help, the Assignment Owner field
“contains the name of the user who is responsible for entering status in
Microsoft Office Project Web Access for the current assignment.” Assuming you
are connected to the server, when you assign a resource to a task, the
Assignment Owner field is automatically populated with the value in the
“Default Assignment Owner” field for that resource in the Global Resource Pool
on Microsoft Office Project Server (MOPS). However, you can override the
default Assignment Owner setting by changing it, by task, in Project Pro.
Changing the Assignment Owner is useful (and sometimes necessary) when someone
different from the assigned resource will be reporting the status for that
resource’s tasks.

To change the Assignment Owner on a task, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are in the Gantt chart view.

2. **RIGHT Click** in the empty gray box, in the upper left corner of the Gantt
table, where the column and row headers meet.

3. Choose **”…Assignment Owner”** from the list of available tables.

4. **LEFT Click** to select the table. You will see the columns in your table

5. Find the appropriate task row that you want to change and **Double Click**
on any cell in that row. This will bring up the **Task Information** window.

6. On the **Task Information** window click the “**Resources**” tab.

7. In the **”Assignment Owner”** column use the dropdown menu to choose the new Assignment Owner. Your choices will be limited to those resources you recruited to this project team from the Global Resource Pool.

8. Click **”OK”**. The name will change in the **”Assignment Owner”** field in
the project. from the Global Resource Pool.

9. Continue to apply this method to change any other Assignment Owner on specific tasks, if necessary.

10. When finished changing the data in the **”Assignment Owner”** field, return
to the original Gantt chart view.

11. Save, publish, and check-in the project.

**Posted By**: Rick Nobleman

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    Mike Hart

    I have MS Project 2010 (after M$ removed all the menus). Right clicking the area you describe in that version gives a popup called “calculate project” with a bunch of options that do nothing – and nothing about “Assignment owner”.

    Do you know where they hid this in the later versions of Project ?

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    Jason Stegner

    Hi Mike,

    The process to change the assignment owner in Project 2010 is actually still the same.

    The first four steps in this post are to view the assignment owner field in the table. That is now much simpler, as you only need to click the last field in the table, Add New Column, and choose assignment owner from the list. This field is read only and will default to what is set for the enterprise resource assigned to the task.

    To change the assignment owner, the rest of the post is still the same starting from step 5.

    • Double click the task you want to change to bring up the task information pane and switch to the resources tab.

    • For the resource you want to change, open the assignment owner drop down and choose another resource. Just note that only the resources on the project team are available to choose.

      If you don’t see the resource you want, add that resource to the project team.

    Repeat these steps to change any other task in the project as necessary.

    Hope that helps!

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    Maxim Ivashkov

    if the assignment owner is disabled , make sure the project is published and the resource is enterprise resource. (obviously the assignment owner effects to whom MyWork in PWA the task goes. This applies to enterprise resources only).

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    Kelli Stricker

    Good insight thank you for your comments

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